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24 Jan 2009
A new battle surrounds the goalkeeping position at Deportivo, though this time it hasn’t needed the use of the fists. Fabricio is searching for an exit and asked Lotina to not play at the Bernab?©u stadium. All appoints now that he will be discarded during the rest of the season and that Mun??a will take the spot of second keeper at the first squad.

It seems the goal at Deportivo is cursed, the battle between Gustavo Mun??a and Dudu Aouate affected the squad at the worst moment of the past season, then everything returned to �normal’ with the arrival of Daniel Aranzubia for the present campaign. Mun??a and Aouate stayed at the club, but their silence during the last months seemed like an echo of a distant past.

All seemed to be forgotten after Aouate was transferred to RCD Mallorca, but suddenly a new conflict involving a Depor’s keeper has emerged. All started on the past Saturday when Aranzubia was sent off in the 0-5 defeat with Barcelona. Juan Rodr?­guez took the position of goalkeeper for the rest of the game at the Camp Nou since Lotina had already completed the three changes, and it was assumed that Fabricio Agosto would cover the goal for the game against Real Madrid.

But during the week the doubts emerged, and Lotina assured that he still had to take a decision between Mun??a and Fabricio since he saw the Canarian keeper was missing concentration due the problems with his contract. On Friday it was even speculated that Fabricio won’t even travel to Madrid, situation that was confirmed on Saturday when the Basque coach released the list of picked players for the game.

Now the Galician media has revealed a dark dispute between the agent of the player, Eduardo Llanos, and the club. Fabricio came to Deportivo for the season 2005/2006, it was part of the collaboration deal with the Canarian club Vecindario. The young keeper joined Deportivo Juvenil A and thanks to his good job, he was promoted to Fabril, team where he spent the last two years.

Then he got his great chance as Lotina trusted in him during the last season, ironically the Canarian was the chosen solution in order to solve the conflict between Aouate and Mun??a. He played six Primera games until the dispute was solved, then he returned to Fabril. At the same time he signed an amateur contract in which it was stipulated that if he plays 15 official games with the first squad (no matter in which seasons), he will automatically get a three-year professional deal with the first squad, newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a informed on Saturday that Fabricio would get a different salary in each one of those three years (€60,000 the first year, €72,000 the second, and €84,000 in the third).

At the time the player himself and Eduardo Llanos accepted the proposition and signed the deal, but now things have changed as it has been known that Fabricio has received offers from other clubs. After hearing the propositions, the agent of the keeper realised the amounts offered by Deportivo aren’t worthy and decided to negotiate again the terms. This situation has existed since some months ago, but it was kept in secret. Some journalists were aware of the case, but nothing in concrete was printed in the papers since the club and the same Fabricio maintained silence and never spoke about the negotiation (Fabricio even decided some months ago to not gave any interview to the press).

Then Fabricio played the Intertoto Cup and the Copa Del Rey matches during this season, games that took his tally to 12 official matches with the first squad, since the negotiations with Depor for a better contract were in a dead point, Fabricio and his agent decided to talk with Lotina and to ask him to not play at the Bernab?©u stadium. Lotina didn’t want to talk in public about his conversation with the keeper, but reporters in A Coru?±a are sure about the details: he didn’t want to perform against Real Madrid.

And the conflict doesn’t end there, the amateur contract of Fabricio lasts until the year 2010, but the agent of the keeper assured it can be broken during the summer if a superior offer appears, something similar to what occurred when Deportivo signed from Real Oviedo.

All this means a new earthquake related to the goalkeeping position, Aranzubia will probably keep the starting role, but now all appoints that Mun??a will pass from the ostracism to be the second choice for the job. But the Uruguayan ends his contract with Deportivo in June and this means that Fabril’s Manu will probably take the role starting on the next campaign. It’s also a blow to Lotina, because the Canarian promise was the bet of the coach for the future, as he chose him for Depor’s goal when Depor was in relegation during the last season.



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