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27 Jan 2009
The squad returned to train on Tuesday and the main novelty was that coach Lotina warned that he’s thinking about keeping the system used at the Bernab?u, this means a 4-3-2-1 figure with three pivotes and two playmakers. However it isn’t clear if this system will be used against Villarreal.

Deportivo returned to train on Tuesday after a pause of one day, the players completed a series of physical exercises, but the main news were at the press room, because there coach Miguel Angel Lotina confessed that he’s willing to continue using the 4-3-2-1 presented at the Bernab?u, ?We will keep working with this system. Besides we had more aggressiveness in the last game though it wasn’t for the scheme. The team gave a step forward on Sunday about this aspect, we were very well with the aids and the recuperation of the ball. With the players we have, it’s better for us to play like this.? He said after the session.

However, the Basque trainer didn’t confirm if he will use this figure against Villarreal (Sunday, 17h00 CET), actually he said he hasn’t forgotten to play with wingers at his formation, ?On Sunday we made a lot of defensive game, and later you end paying that. Valer??n is not a man of a strong physical presence, he is more the player giving the last pass, but Verd?? and Antonio Tom??s are like that. We saw a lot of errors that we need to correct, but we also saw a lot of good stuff. We will work with this system without forgetting that we have Pablo ?lvarez and Cristian to switch the wings in a specific moment. The three midfielders were together, and Valer??n and Lafita too, this means a big effort.?

The coach also talked about the series of defeats suffered in January, for him they aren’t important taking in mind what Deportivo did in the past year, ?I insist, I want to talk about the performance and not about the current position. With the improvement in our performance, and seeing what the team did in the last game, the results will come. I am not worried about the streak of matches that have been lost. Outside here people envy us. Yesterday I talked with two Primera coaches and they told me they were wishing to be in my position. In that moment I was crying about my luck and they have earned points in the weekend.?

Later Riki talked with reporters, he was analysing his chances of been the starting striker on Sunday, ?It’s a shame. Bodipo was making a great job, with goals, and I hope he will be recovered soon. It’s true that right now the position of striker is free. You have me, Omar (Bravo) and also Mista, and we hope that whoever goes out, it will have the chance to give everything.?



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