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27 Jan 2009
The doctors confirmed that Bodipo suffered a Hamstring strain during the game against Real Madrid, his second injury on the season. The Guinean will be out of action between three and four weeks, meaning he will miss the two-leg series with Aalborg BK plus other four liga matches.

The latest scans made to Rodolfo Bodipo at Hospital Santa Teresa in La Coru?a have confirmed that the ex-Alav?s attacker suffered a Hamstring strain (also called Pulled Hamstring) during Sunday’s game against Real Madrid. This injury consists in a tear in one of the three hamstring muscles (left thigh), more specifically the muscle of the problem is the Biceps femoris.

During a normal sprint in a pitch, the hamstring muscles work extremely hard to decelerate the tibia as it swings out. In addition, once the foot is on the ground the hamstrings function in extending the hip back which in turn allows the other leg to move forwards. It is in this phase just before the foot strikes the ground that the hamstrings, most commonly the biceps femoris muscle, become injured as the muscles are maximally activated and are approaching their maximum length. That’s what occurred to Bodipo when he chased a long pass against Italian Cannavaro.

This is the second injury suffered by Bodipo on the present season, previously he sustained a knee sprain in the home confrontation against Athletic Bilbao, problem that kept him out of action for a month. Exactly the same period of time in which the new injury should be healed. The doctors determined that the tear in the muscle is not too serious and that the damage should be repaired in three or four weeks.

But no matter the case could have been worse, the true is that the striker will probably miss at least six official matches with Deportivo: in liga against Villarreal, Mallorca, Osasuna, Valencia and in UEFA against Aalborg BK (both legs). Lately, Bodipo has been the most in-form striker at the squad as he scored three goals in his last five liga matches, plus one in Copa del Rey and the goal that gave the pass in the UEFA cup against Nancy-Lorraine.




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