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28 Jan 2009
Canadian Julian De Guzm??n was appointed by coach Lotina as one of the priorities in his plans of renewals for the next season, but so far the club has not move a finger for it. To make things worse both sides still debating the image rights of the player.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina has said in several opportunities that he will like to accomplish the renewal of all the players ending contract in June, including Julian De Guzman, midfielder considered as an important piece in his formations.

However, the club hasn’t made a move yet in order to accomplish the desires of the coach, something the same Canadian player confirmed to reporters after Tuesday’s training at Abegondo, �Depor has not yet presented any offer and that’s weird. I want to continue on here and if the club has not taken that step, it should be for some reason and we will have to search for the answer.�

�I already told my agent that he should talk with Richard (Moar) and see what happens, we will know it soon. I already talked with Rodger (his agent) about my future and there’s no concrete offer coming from any club, but in February we will see what happens with Depor and with all the teams that might want me. I want to continue at Depor, at least in la liga.� Were the comments of De Guzm??n.

To make things worse, Depor and De Guzm??n still involved in a discussion for the image rights of the player. For this concept, the club still owing an amount around the €800,000 to the Canadian. The case was taken to an arbitration committee, but no agreement was reached and now, the player might take the case to a court house, though he has always assured that first, the first intention is to reach a �friendly agreement�.



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