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02 Feb 2009
A day to break marks. Guijuelo was unbeaten at its stadium since August 31, while Fabril was coming to the game after seven confrontations without achieving a victory, and also without its best scorer Lassad. And all was sorted with a surprising 0-3 for the Galicians. The first time in which Fabril scored three times on the season, and also the first goals for Carril, player that spent more than a year scoreless.

It was a complicate visit for Deportivo B; at least it was what the stats were appointing. Fabril arrived to the game with a negative period of seven matches without adding the three points, while Guijuelo had a solid record at home, with six wins in ten home encounters, and a undefeated condition at the Muncipal de Guijuelo since August of the past year.

Besides coach Tito Ramallo was facing the game without Lassad, the Pichichi of Fabril, who was called by Lotina to the first squad. Chema was also out after suffering a toe fracture during the week. At least goalkeeper Manu was returning after surpassing an injury in the hand, he was the starting keeper. The defensive line was the usual one with Diego Seoane at the right-back position, Sergio Benito at the left and the couple Castillo-Juanan at the centre.

In midfield, Ramallo was playing with three players that were at Deportivo Juvenil A on the past season: David Rochela and Juan Dominguez as the pivotes, while Chirri covered the right wing. Dani appeared on the left and Iv??n Carril was the playmaker. Finally Aridane was the lonely striker. At Guijuelo, recent signing, French Julien Hornuss, was debuting in attack.

No matter the antecedents, the true is that Deportivo B spent a comfortable game, mainly because Guijuelo complicated its own life basing its strategy in the direct game and long passes; something that facilitated the life of the Galician youngsters. And this taking in mind the home team had a clear chance to score just minutes after the kick-off.

It was a free-kick of Chuchi that Manu stopped, however that was the only shot on target made by Guijuelo during the first half. The rest of the half was characterized by a boring game in which Fabril controlled midfield and searched the opposite goal through fast plays, while the team of Salamanca never found the connection between Javi Ballesteros and Julien Hornuss, its two more advanced players on the pitch, reason why the attacks were based in long balls easily contained by Fabril’s youngsters.

Guijuelo had a new occasion at minute 20 as Chus Seco found a ball inside the box, but his shot hit the net by the outside, in the next play Fabril found its first goal. It was a play started by Chirri, one of the best Fabril’s players in the game, the youngster ran all over the right wing to fire a low shot that keeper Escalona couldn’t contain, then Iv??n Carril found the rebound inside the box and just pushed the ball in. It is the first goal for Carril since November of 2007 (matchday 12 of the past season during the 1-1 draw with CD Lugo) 

The home team tried to react and at minute 30, Mangas sent a cross that Ballesteros headed over the crossbar. But that was the only approximation for the locals as their game continued obstructed and based in long passes that were ending in nothing. Meanwhile Depor was very comfortable on the pitch, and this time it was very effective as it capitalised its only clear chance during the first period. Total opposed scenario to what was saw in the 0-0 draw with Real Sociedad B.

For the second part Fabril continued dominating midfield, with Rochela and Juan Dom?­nguez dictating the pace of the actions. The difference with the first half was that now Deportivo B enjoyed of more occasions to score goals. Starting with who couldn’t collect a long pass of Juanan as Escalona arrived to the ball first (55’).

But the Canarian striker would not miss his next chance, it came ten minutes later during a good combination with . The Galician winger took a free-kick on the left and he sent a high cross to the box, Aridane was there to head downwards and past Escalona. It’s the fourth goal on the season for the Canarian attacker.

The combination was repeated three minutes later as both players exchanged the rolls to score the third and final goal in the game, the play was started by Iv??n Carril who gave a pass to Aridane, then the Canarian entered to the area and without opposition he sent a short cross that the same Carril found near the penalty spot to fire a low shot into the net.

Then Ramallo made his changes, taking off his three youngest players on the pitch: Momar replaced Rochela, Iv??n P?©rez did the same with Chirri and Granado entered for Juan Dom?­nguez. In the local team, coach Crego sent Del Prado to the pitch, something that gave more ideas to his team at midfield, however the only chance for the locals during the final part of the game was a long-distance shot of Lupidio that went near the crossbar.

It looked like a complicated game for Fabril, but later it was translated into a comfortable triumph for Ramallo’s boys.  The locals never represented a menace for Fabril with its long passes, and the visitors just controlled midfield and waited for the arrival of their own occasions. This is the first time on the season in which Fabril scores three goals, and the curiosity is that it did it without his best scorer on the pitch. The work of Juan Dom?­nguez, Chirri, Rochela and especially, Iv??n Carril and Aridane, were the main factors that defined the match.

The victory allows Deportivo B to climb two positions in the table, now it occupies the 16th place, spot that means a relegation series against a Tercera club. The salvation is now just two points over Fabril. On the next weekend, the squad is hosting Ponferradina at Abegondo, the team from Le??n is currently fourth in the group.

Guijuelo: Escalona - Bay??n, Lupidio, Ayala, Sito - Chus Seco (Juanfer, m.46), Chuchi (Del Pardo 72’), Martins, Mangas - Ballesteros, Julien Hornuss (Lozano 56’).
Deportivo B: Manu - Seoane, Juanan, Castillo, Sergio Benito - Rochela (Momar, m.74), Juan Dom?­nguez (Granado, m.87) - Chirri (Iv??n P?©rez 82’), Iv??n Carril, Dani - Aridane.
Goals: 0-1: (22’) Iv??n Carril, 0-2: (64’) Aridane, 0-3: (67’) Iv??n Carril.
Referee: L??pez Acera. He showed yellow card to Sito, Rochela and Manu.
Venue: Municipal de Guijuelo (500)



Real Sociedad B 0 - Racing B 0

Lemona 2 - Marino 1

Racing Ferrol 2 - Barakaldo 0

Real Union 0 - Celta B 1

Ponferradina 5 - Pontevedra 1

Guijuelo 0 - Deportivo B 3

Sestao River 1 - Sporting B 2

Zamora 2 - Bilbao Athletic 2

Ciudad Santiago 3 - Valladolid B 1

Lugo 1 - Cultural Leonesa 4




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