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03 Feb 2009
Like Lafita did with the first squad, winger Iv??n Carril scored two goals during the weekend’s victory of Deportivo B. But both players live a different situation, Lafita is the Pichichi at Depor, while Carril scored for the first time after 448 days. The Galician talked with newspaper La Opini??n about his sensations after the game and also about his irregular season.

Q: The immediate thing first. What a relief to score a goal again.
A: I celebrated the first goal with a tremendous release. Before I was scoring around five goals each season, and now the time was passing and I was a little obsessed. The anxiety was growing within me because sometimes I failed clear occasions and I felt the pressure over me.

Q: And the second goal, a more relaxing thing, isn’t?
A: I realized how much had happened since I felt this sense of scoring a goal. The second goal motivates me more, because I believe, moreover, that it will mean the team will see the lights from now own.

Q: Are you leaving strengthened from the game at Guijuelo like your team did?
A: Both. I do, because I scored. But mostly the team. On the one hand, we played without Lassad, which is our top-scorer, and we scored three goals, we clearly won after several weeks without playing well though we weren’t winning by a lack of fortune, and we achieved again a clean sheet. All this is giving us great confidence for the future.

Q: Your season is irregular. Despite your seniority at Fabril, the coach decided to leave you out during some games. Does it hurt? How are you affected?
A: It was painful to not play and also because it was repeated during some weeks. I was not playing well, I left the team and then we started to play better and to winning. That may hurt more, though I was very upset the trajectory of the team was the best for everyone.

Q: Did you feel that they were closing the doors of the team?
A: I did not surrender. I had hope of coming back, because you've already learned that the league is very long and that there’s still a lot to play.

Q: And you didn’t last in returning.
A: Yes, I am happy again. We won some matches, which proved that we were working well together. Then more complicated rivals arrived and we failed again.

Q: What did you learned from the lesson?
A: I realized about the things in which I was failing, I realized that maybe I was needing to change the style of playing.

Q: And what has Iv??n Carril learned as he is the older player at Fabril?
A: Even the youngest player learns things, from his enthusiasm, from his effort. Time passes and I feel more mature, but I admit that I have yet to grow more.

Q: If you take a look back, to your debut at Deportivo, your loans before coming back to Fabril, how do you value your footsteps?
A: I already say, I still need to grow, that’s why I do not renounce to go back to those levels no matter it seems distant. What I regret the most are the injuries that blocked my continuity in certain phases of my career, especially when I was at Vecindario and Palencia. So that’s what I pray the most to God:  to see the physical problems not stopping me.

Q: Do you feel, as with many situations in life, that after returning to Fabril you have missed the train to other stations?
A: The years pass and you believe you never going to play back again at Primera (Divisi??n), it is true. But football is so rare and gives so many laps when you least expect, so I do not lose the hope for anything. To be able to live of football has always been my dream since childhood. In bad times many things go through your head. You do a great year, a great season, and again you have another chance to be above.



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