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05 Feb 2006
David Villa was the key player on this match, his magnificent goal was praised by both coaches. The player himself confessed that it was a lucky action although he has studied the movements of Molina. Meanwhile, president Lendoiro believes that the final score was unfair.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s continues to ask himself about the cause of Depor's current results at home, he also praised the goal scored by David Villa: "We can't win at home, one more time we failed. The team played a good first half and the difference was established by one single player. It's good to see Villa performing in this way, specially when you are in the opposite side. We have to show our respect to him."

The Sevillan coach believes that V?­ctor did a brave thing when he decided to throw the penalty for the second time: "The penalty... in some occasions you succeed and in others you don't. I want to congratulate him for having the spirit of taking twice the responsibility. Now we can't blame him for his misfortune."

Caparr??s also wanted to explain the presence of 'Toro' Acu?±a and Senel on this game: "I introduced Acu?±a because he's good taking free-kicks and we needed the stationary plays. About Senel, we have to understand that the youngsters are giving a huge step making the transition from Tercera to Primera." Finally the Utrera-born coach didn't want to comment the possible penalties in favour of his team during the second half.

President Lendoiro said that the result was unfair and that his team failed to take advantage of the opportunities that they enjoyed: "When you have two teams in equal conditions the final result is decided by individual plays, and in this occasion the game was resolved in a fantastic play of Villa. Deportivo had the control all over the game, but they couldn't score in the moments in which  they should do it. I think that the only fair result was a draw."

The hero of the night David Villa commented the play in which he scored the winning goal from 50 meters: "I talked about it with Emilio Alvarez, our keeper trainer, we knew that Molina always like to play near to his defenders. I saw him and the next thing to do was to try it. The true is that I was lucky because if I try to do it 50 times I'm sure that I will not score a goal like that."

Quique Sanchez Flores is also convinced that Villa was the decisive factor in his team, he also wanted to praise the spirit of his squad: "Villa is a very good player, he scored a goal that we won't see during the rest of the season. We love to see him trusting in his skills, but today we achieved the win thanks to the strength of our team, a important  thing taking in mind that we faced the match with several absences."

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