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09 Feb 2009
Mixed feelings after the game at the Ono Stadi, Lotina said the draw is not worthy for Depor’s aspirations though he accepts the result. The players had also different reactions, some of them were happy with the result while others confessed that Depor deserved the victory.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina confessed that he wasn’t happy with the point earned at the Ono Estadi, ?At half-time, I told the players that the draw was not worthy for us, we should have won or lose, curiously after the pause, it was the moment when we played the worse, but my words were at their heads as we pushed strongly up front after the equalising goal.?

Despite his previous words, the Basque trainer thinks a point is good for the European goal of Deportivo, ?We are in a situation in which a point outside home is good, but I insist, we should have went out for the game.? Also, Lotina didn’t want to comment about the polemic play in which referee Ayza G??mez whistled the penalty, ?People told me it was penalty, but I didn’t watch it from the bench, so I can not give an opinion. It was a quick play and I don’t see if the striker or the defender arrived first to the ball.?

Lotina blamed the lack of depth as the main reason why his team missed the chances to score, this no matter it dominated the game, ?We were feeling very comfortable during the first half, we had the ball possession but we missed the needed depth, we lost our place in the second part, and we lost the ball. We aren’t a good team when we don’t have the ball, though the changes gave us the depth.?

Joan Verd??, the player that scored the equaliser, was explaining the penalty to reporters, ?Aouate knows me really well, actually he three himself to the side where I usually send the ball during a penalty, but I was calmed and I changed my intention at the last second.? Despite his goal, the Catalan was feeling ?sad? because ?we saw the victory was near to us.?

Lassad Nouioui, youngster that provoked the penalty, was assuring the referee did the right thing when he whistled the foul, ?I believe it was a penalty, if the referee whistles, then it was it.? Later he showed his happiness for the result, ?It is very difficult to add points at Majorca, we added one and it’s better than nothing. I am very happy, we must continue like this, little by little.?

Riki was also appointing that the draw is a positive result for Deportivo, ?It’s a point to keep adding. The squad went out for the game since the beginning. We were making combinations in attack, we created danger and we must follow this line. It is clear the rivals know you well, they know what players can create the biggest damage and we must play with that, Valer??n gave good passes and I believe we deserved more.?

Precisely, Juan Carlos Valer??n was completing 300 matches at Primera Divisi??n, he received a standing ovation when he was replaced during the second half, something that El Flaco appreciated, ?I got excited for the good-bye. You have to look how football is, I played my first game at Majorca and now I am completing the number 300 in the same place.?

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia was content with the point achieved at Majorca, this for the situation lived by the rival, ?I am content because it was a rival in need, and this situations always difficult the things to its rival. Playing outside home, the local team usually has the pace, but the line that we followed on here is the good one. There were moments in which we looked dangerous, though maybe we should have done more. But we also need defensive security; it is convenient to not lose this when the rival is tightening the things.?

?ngel Lafita had a different opinion as he thinks that Depor deserved more on this game, ?We lost a good chance to climb positions. For the chances that we enjoyed, the result is too short. We are feeling impotent because the goals were at our reach and we didn’t achieve a victory. The game turned to be complicated; we knew that if they would have scored first, things would be difficult for us. No matter what, the team gave a positive impression. If we are able to win the next game, the draw against Mallorca will be worthy.?

At Mallorca, all the comments were related to the penalty over Lassad, coach Gregorio Manzano was assuring it was a doubtful call, ?It was the second doubtful play against us within the last 72 hours –referring to a possible penalty of Barcelona’s Marquez over Trejo in Copa- That play was very doubtful. I don’t want to think the referees are trying to hurt Mallorca, but if that is the tendency during the next games, we will have to look at the stats.?

Defender Jos? Nunes was assuring that he didn’t commit a penalty in the play, ?I didn’t touch the player, but the ball. The assistant of the referee didn’t indicate anything. This kind of calls can be whistled or not, but sincerely, I think this one should have not been called at any time. I am feeling sad and screwed. We were leading in the score against a solid team as Deportivo is, and they took two points from us, points that would giving us confidence and that were improving our position in the table.?

Ex-Depor Dudu Aouate was feeling sorry for the result, ?We are leaving sad because we thought we had the victory at our side. At least we achieved an important draw.? The Israeli also confirmed that he knew the place where Verd?? was going to throw the penalty, ?I knew he always take the penalties to that side, and I have the sensation that he changed at the last moment.?


Lotina was hoping to count with Manuel Pablo for the game, but the Canarian was not ready to perform and was replaced by in the starting formation. It is expected the doctors of the club will make new scans to the player during this day, but they already told to reporters that the case of the side defender is not serious and that he should be fit to play on Saturday against Osasuna.




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