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10 Feb 2009
It was the headline of Sportpaper AS: Lotina will sign his extension of contract during next week. It seems everything is already settled as the Basque would sign for two years though some clauses haven’t been decided yet. In the meantime, the configuration of next year’s squad has already started.

It isn’t a secret that president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro is pleased with the job done by Miguel ?ngel Lotina within the last two years, the Galicians squad has climbed from the abysm of relegation to the top places in liga and several of the players at the team are evolving with giant steps. Lendoiro is very careful with the contracts that he signs with his coaches, that’s why Lotina was just signed for one year during the season 2007/2008, though the contract had an automatic clause that was extending the deal for a one additional year in case the club wanted it, clause that was fulfilled in June of the past year.

Now Lendoiro wants to repeat the process, Sportpaper AS informed on Tuesday that the president and the agent of the coach, I?aki Ib???ez, already had a phone conversation and agreed to have a meeting on the next week, reunion in which the new contract will be signed. Everything seems to be decided, the only thing left is if the contract will be for two years or like the current one, for one year plus an automatic clause of an additional year. According to AS, the last choice is the one preferred by Lotina.

It must be emphasised that Lendoiro has always had patience with his coaches, actually Lotina is just the eighth coach at Deportivo since Lendoiro took the presidency of Deportivo twenty years ago, the other seven coaches that preceded the Basque were: Marco Antonio Boronat, Toshack, Carlos Alberto Silva, Corral, Arsenio Iglesias, Joaqu?n Caparr??s and Javier Irureta. Of this short list, Irureta is the one that lasted more time as he coached Depor during seven years (1998-2005). Also, to take in mind that Boronat was the only one that was fired when the liga season was still on.

Lendoiro has been pushing Lotina to sign the extension now, because he wants to start the planning of the next season as soon as possible. The president already started the negotiations with some of the players that are ending contract in June: Sergio, Verd?? and Manuel Pablo. But he wants to start now the configuration of the squad for the season 2009/2010, and for that he needs to know the preferences of the coach that will guide the team throughout the season.

About this matter, it has been appointed by the media in A Coru?a that the top priority is the arrival of Miguel De Las Cuevas (22), player that belongs to Atletico Madrid and that could replace Angel Lafita in case the Aragonian is signed back by Real Zaragoza.

At the same time, Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n (DxT) wrote on Tuesday a list of players that Deportivo could be following, this list correspond to players performing at liga clubs that currently have problems with relegation. The names listed are: Plasil, Nekounam, Azpilicueta, Monreal and Portillo from Osasuna; Barkero and Juanra from Numancia; Chica, David Garc?a, Corominas and Sergio S??nchez from RCD Espanyol; Jurado, and Juan Arango from Mallorca. DxT emphasizes that the preferred choice of this list is Jos? Manuel Jurado, gifted playmaker that, like the case of De Las Cuevas, belongs to Atletico Madrid and is currently loaned at RCD Mallorca.



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