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10 Feb 2009
In the last two liga matches, Lotina has despised the last two strikers signed during the past summer –Omar Bravo and Mista- instead he has trusted in Lassad, French striker that arrived one year ago for Fabril. No matter he has only played for 22 minutes in liga, he already is seen as the future of Depor.

Striker Lassad Hassen Nouioui arrived to Deportivo B in January of the past year, since then he has scored 16 goals at Segunda Divisi??n B, and has left a positive impression with his effectiveness against the goal. Lotina called him to train with the first squad for a couple of opportunities, and it was until the past week that he had the chance to debut with the first squad.

It was at the Riazor as he played the last nine minutes against Villarreal, it was a calmed debut since the things were already decided in favour of Depor. But one week later, the situation was completely different, because Depor was losing at Mallorca and Lotina sent him to replace Valer??n for the final 17 minutes, the 23-year-old attacker was a crucial piece in the game as he helped to achieve the final draw as he provoked the penalty later materialized by Verd??.

He has just completed 22 minutes at Primera Divisi??n, but the media has praised him due to his daring behaviour inside the pitch. Besides it has called the attention that Lotina has preferred him instead of Omar Bravo and Mista, the last two additions to the long list of attackers at Depor, this after the Fabril’s player went out instead of the Mexican against Villarreal, and especially as Lassad was chosen instead of Mista, a former top-goalscorer at Valencia, when Deportivo was losing at Mallorca. An interesting decision of the Basque coach, but worthy as it was proved at the end.

The French attacker talked with reporters on Monday, this after the squad returned from Majorca, he showed his satisfaction for his performance, �I trained on the past week with the first squad, and I am very happy for having entered into the list and for having played against Mallorca. Now I can only think of been working as I did until now. We must follow the same line. The coach has told me that everything was fine, but we must keep going.�

Now there’s the chance that Lassad will enter into the list of the first squad for the third straight time, this because Omar Bravo is currently on duty with Mexico and will probably return until Friday, and taking in mind that Depor faces Osasuna on Saturday, it’s possible to say that the ex-Chivas forward will probably miss the game since he won’t complete any training with the squad during the present week.

Besides, there’s even the chance the French will be a starter in the game, this because Riki suffered a knee injury during Tuesday’s training (abductor), therefore he is doubtful for Saturday’s clash at the Riazor. If the absence of Riki is finally confirmed, it will mean that Mista and Lassad will be the only two strikers for the game. Anyhow, it is necessary to wait and see if the ex-Getafe will be ready for the match.



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