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11 Feb 2009
Deportivo needs three more victories in the remaining seventeen games of the liga season in order to achieve the permanence, it seems an easy task and some people are already talking about other goals. The players at Depor are aware of the situation and talk about the subject.

With the permanence almost achieved, Deportivo’s players are starting to realise that the European dream is possible; currently the squad is just one point under the UEFA zone and three below the Champions League positions. The players already started to talk about the new scenario, though they are cautious as some of they remind that the main goal continues to be the permanence.

Albert Lopo is one of the men that talked with reporters about the subject, ?The first goal continues to be the permanence, but we don’t quite to anything else and we know we are close to the Champions League zone.? He said on Tuesday. Later the Catalan admitted the players are aware of the fans expectations, ?It is logical they are hopeful, because we have added a lot of points during the first round. We must continue in the same line in order to try to fulfill everybody’s dream. But for that we need calm.?

Other central defender, Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’, was affirming that Depor will end at the top if the squad is able to repeat the performance of the first round, ?With the permanence already achieved, now we need to try to add the same number of points during the second round. If we do it, we will end at the top. I don’t know if in Champions League positions, in the UEFA zone or in what position, but we surely will end in the first places.?

For the Galician player, who was a starter against Mallorca on the past Sunday, the key is to add the points disputed at home, ?In the first round we were strong at the Riazor and we must continue like that. We must try to not lose the points disputed at home, and at the same time, we must try to achieve victories in the away matches. It won’t be easy, but we already ended the first round at the top places.? 

Brazilian Filipe Luis is one of the most enthusiastic players about ending the season in a European place, ?One of my best wishes is to play the Champions League with Depor. If we fulfill a second round like or better than the first, we can do it. Meanwhile, there are other players that prefer to be cautious, as the case of Pablo ?lvarez, ?Let’s see how far can be go, but the main thing is to secure the permanence.? The Shark said.



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