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16 Feb 2009
Lassad Nouioui has called the attention of everybody after his appearance on the last three games of Deportivo. The Marseille-born striker talked with reporters and confessed that his dream is to play for Tunisia, the land of his mother, and to continue succeeding at Deportivo.

The last three weeks have been a dream for young striker Lassad Hassen Nouioui, the 23-year-old attacker debuted as a substitute against Villarreal and provoked the penalty that gave the point in the visit to Mallorca. Then, with Riki out injured, Lotina gave him the responsibility of been a starter in the home encounter with Osasuna, Depor cold only pick a point, but Lassad shone and was close the score after he hit the post with a fantastic header.

 And to complete a perfect month, the club signed with him a professional contract that lasts until the year 2012. No matter the impressive ascension of the striker, he isn’t losing the humble behaviour, â€?If I have to help Fabril during the rest of the season, for me it will be fine. Before joining the first team, I was coming from Fabril and it is important to not forget from where we come. Any player wants to play, but my team mates say it doesn’t matter, that I must continue working and that’s it.â€? Were his comments made on Sunday after all the reporters were chasing him.  

The Marseille-born attacker also revealed that no matter he lived 22 years in France, his aspiration is to play with the nationally team of Tunisia, �I am 100% Tunisian, for me it’s like that. I am French. I was born there and it's a good country. Marseille is also a nice city for me, but I prefer to play with Tunisia. Especially due to my family. If the French national team would call me and I would be forced to choose, I will always choose Tunisia. I was born in France and I spent almost 22 years there, but my mother is from Tunisia and also my heart.�

Lassad confessed that he felt surprised when the club offered a professional contract to him, �Since I was a kid, I wanted to dedicate my life to football. That’s why this is a dream for me. The true is that I was caught by surprise when the club offered this contract. But it’s the fruit of my work and now what I must do is to continue like this and keep both feet on the ground.�

Finally, the Tunisian attacker said that he admires Zinedine Zidane, but that he doesn’t have any idol, something that goes against his Muslin religion, â€?He is not my idol. There are some footballers that I like, as example Zizou, but I do not have idols. I don’t worship anybody, neither a player nor a person. I just like Zizou like any other player: Maradona, Pel?©â€¦ I just look the moves of Van Nistelrooy, Eto'o and Berbatov. They are pretty good, I watch their moves and learn.â€?  



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