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06 Feb 2006
Valencia showed one more time the problems that Caparr??s is facing with his current squad. Lack of respond on the bench, a poor offensive game, problems to cover the wings and mainly the absence of Valer??n are the facts affecting the performance of Caparr??s' team.

Deportivo has only achieved one of the last twelve points in la liga, a fact that's starting to create preoccupation in the fans. Newspaper La Opini??n has analysed the situation and four problems emerged as the most critical ones. The following is a review of each one of this topics:

Three matches without Valer??n indicates the reality. The Canarian is the only brain in the squad and without him the team has a lack of imagination. Valer??n knew how to pass the ball and his assistances were lethal since it always gave the advantage to his partners when they faced the rival's defenders.

Now, the ball goes direct to the strikers from the defenders and the midfielders only see the ball passing. The situation is worse since the number of balls that the team lose has increased (82 against Valencia), this situation indicates that the midfielders have to run and search the rebounds with more frequency. Without Valer??n there isn't surprise and the stationary plays are the only solution to score some goals. Probe of this situation is the fact that the three goals scored after Valer??n's injury were conquered in stationary plays.

Without Valer??n the team is trying to play with two strikers, but if Caparr??s uses one more forward it doesn't mean that his team is more offensive, they need good assistances in order to create danger. Against Valencia Senel and Arizmendi disappeared because the balls that they received always gave the advantage to their rivals. Arizmendi fought all night trying to achieve something, but his contribution was null since he wasn't capable of surpassing the obstacles. Senel just was inexistent. The point is that the squad needs now strikers with enough skills to help in midfield, Rub?©n seems to be a good candidate for the job, but his inconsistency is a thing in which Caparr??s doesn't count.

During the second half against Valencia Caparr??s selected Trist??n, Acu?±a and Xisco in order to change the scenario. But they didn't succeed. The Sevillan striker had better chances than Senel, but at the end he failed. Acu?±a as its logical, paid the price for his inactivity since he wasn't helpful at all. Xisco was one more time the last resource to be used.

Caparr??s even thought in introducing Momo, a player that was left out of the squad at the end of December in order to give a space to Arizmendi. The entrance of Acu?±a and the presence of Momo in the warming zone indicates that Caparr??s is desperate trying to find a solution to his offensive problems, it's also a signal to Lendoiro indicating that the team needs a new generator of football, a piece that definitively it isn't in the current squad.

To make worse the situation Caparr??s continues to face troubles in the wingers position. Munitis was a solid player at the beginning of the season, but lately he isn't the player capable of creating the unbalance needed. His appearances in the left wing aren't successful and the team is starting to notice it. The right wing is a mess, V?­ctor's injury has caused a lot of experiments (De Guzm??n, Sergio, H?©ctor), but none worked out.

At least the arrival of Francisco Gallardo will let Caparr??s count with a player that knows how to handle that sector. The return of Iv??n Carril could be also a solution, but first the club must find a solution to his situation since the youngster could only play three more games before to be inscribed in the first team, a fact impossible to be done since the team has fulfilled the 25 spots available in la liga.

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