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19 Feb 2009
The media hammered Deportivo and Lotina for the big defeat in Denmark. Mista was also a target of the criticism as he was described as ?not even worthy to carry the box of Coca-Colas?. Meanwhile, the papers in Denmark were looking surprised with the result.

Xornal de Galicia: Lotina loses again Depor’s European north. Football in the XXI Century is also a product of globalization. Now the Nordic teams, like Aalborg, are trying to touch the ball and move away from the stereotype of been squads practicing the game through long balls. The Danes play with a Jamaican named Shelton, a Moroccan-Zaza- at the goal, and a Brazilian at the right side –Caca- who only looks like his compatriot in Milan due the phonetics. Fifteen years after debuting, one hundred matches in Europe before, and playing at this same scenario, the first conclusion is that the old sport of football has become a global game. The coaching staff will only need to look the footages of the local goals to check the actions occurred in combinative plays, especially the second goal, summed up in three touches: interior pass, assistance to Enedvolsen, and Due to the bottom of the net. Therefore, the schemes, styles and identities tend to level in the same way that diminishes the difference.
Facing an opponent, not matter how small it may seem, with any minimum concession since the beginning mean a risk that it’s paid. And in Europe, even more. I refer primarily to Miguel Angel Ferrer ?Mista’, a footballer absolutely in decline that the coach, Miguel Angel Lotina, strives to rescue from the chest of memories. The opportunities enjoyed and the ones wasted by Mista scratch the injustice when they are compared with the absence in the case of Mexican Omar Bravo. And the sky is crying the maddening slowness of this player, a fact which is compounded by the new system.

Whenever Pablo ?lvarez deepened by his side, he had two choices: bet and hurry down to the last race, or to make some time waiting to see Mista steeping in the area. Again the mentioned rotations, this time with Joan Verd?? and Angel Lafita on the bench, two of the most in-form players at the squad, can condemn Deportivo if the Galicians are unable to trace back in need of an epic gesture. And there is no excuse regarding the replacement of Lafita and Verd?? since Mista played infiltrated. Lotina’s rotations, an ordeal throughout the season, don’t appear to respond to a physically demanding situation as the wrong approach to content some specific players. Lassad was replaced five days ago, when he was fulfilling a good game, to please Mista, not because the match needed to change the youngster. Mista, like the referee Ivanov, who invented the penalty of the 3-0, is not even worthy to carry with the box of Coca-Colas. Xaime Calvi?o

La Voz de Galicia: Aalborg crushed Depor through counterattacks. When it could, it did not want, and when it wanted, it was overwhelmed. Depor was fooled by Aalborg: it lived quiet during the first half, and when it was expecting a quiet second part, the Danes developed the audacity the Galicians lacked and ended up in a demolishing mode. For the game at Aalborg, Lotina sheltered with a pure and simple trivote, made from right to left by Sergio, Antonio Tom??s and Juan Rodr?guez. The trivote is a defensive figure very common for the coaches, but with bad press with the Spanish fans. However, Brazil won the 1994 World Cup with three midfielders, and Depor won its only liga with that same recipe. Yesterday, it gave consistency to Los Blanquiazules during the first half, but it didn’t prevent its defensive collapse.

Mista was having two months and a few days without been a starter and performed infiltrated due to some discomfort at the pubis region. He was less static, but still without spark. His was a ball to the clouds, which along another long-range shot from Valer??n, was the closest thing created by Depor during the first half. Lotina said before the game that a tie was enough for him, but depending on the sensations. During the pause, the result was a tie and the feeling was that Depor was too conformist. It paid it during the second part with the early goal (53 min) of Due, who crushed Piscu, entered to the area, and shot with his right leg; Lopo arrived late and the ball burst the Galician safe box.

Then, the Galicians awaken. A slight advancement in the lines allowed the squad to take the initiative and create, finally, an occasion: a corner headed by Lopo arrived at the feet of Mista, who sent it to the crossbar. It was the last thing the Murcian did before being replaced by Omar, disappeared. Depor was searching the tie. In contrast, Aalborg warned with a shoot of Enevoldsen that allowed Aranzubia to show off (70 min). Two minutes later, a run of this Danish player was culminated by Due, unmarked in several meters and alone against an empty door. Depor was groggy. Aalborg, physically fresher, attacked in waves, and one of them allowed a new stab of Ivanov to the Galicians: a non-existent penalty of Aranzubia over Curth. Now, Depor appeals to the feat. Rub?n Ventureira

La Opini??n A Coru?a: No pace, no intensity, no goal. Deportivo appeared to have control in the first part, but it wasn’t the boss. It missed strength from three quarters of the field forward and, above all, intensity, both in attack and in defense. Aalborg, a team that in the Spanish First Division will be struggling to survive, left it play fairly. It simply waited for its moment, and it found it after the break. Depor ended the meeting without firing a single time between the three posts, a fact which demonstrates the lack of depth. And without depth there is no domain, no matter how much time you have the ball. The visiting team beat Aalborg with a big score in terms of ball possession - 65% at the rest, which later became a 61% by the end of game- but on the scoresheet, which is what counts, the big score was the opposite.

Deportivo lacked mobility in the opposite field. It barely opened the spaces. Each player was at his place, but without mobility, and thus it’s difficult to create damage. And that taking in mind that Valer??n, Sergio and Pablo Alvarez made some triangulations as colorful as sterile. No clear situations were created because Depor crashed again and again against the Danish defense. It was jammed in attack, without too many ideas. Pablo Alvarez was virtually the only man who tried to surprise in one-to-one attempts. Almost every opportunity, except the shot to the crossbar of Mista, and the spur of Omar Bravo, were long-range shots that never found the goal.

Lotina feared the power of the Danes in the game of strategy. For the size of their footballers, Aalborg was presented as a difficult opponent to contain in the aerial game. Interestingly, Depor managed to neutralize the aerial balls. The fact is that it was caught in surprise through counterattacks. Following the 1-0, the match went crazy and Depor lost the papers. Disordered, the Galician team hesitated between attacking or stand with the result, and in that sea of doubt, Aalborg fished two more goals. The last half hour was an open highway. Eugenio Cobas.

AS: It is clear that Deportivo doesn’t likes Scandinavia. Temperatures below zero, a fussy referee and many casualties. It was not a day for an exhibition, but no one expected a collapse like the one suffered last night in Aalborg. The team repeated one by one, the errors of the tie against Brann. Five months ago it came back with a 2-0, and now it appeals to an even more epic thing at the Riazor. This time the wreck was even higher in Denmark (one more goal). Carlos M?ndez.

UEFA.com: Memorable opener. Due's double put AaB in control before he was substituted to a standing ovation late on. Full-back Michael Jakobsen then added a third from the penalty spot in the 90th minute to give the Danish side's new Swedish coach Magnus Pehrsson a tremendous victory in his first game in charge.

Ekstra Bladet (Denmark): Sovereign Aalborg crushed Deportivo. Anders Due and Michael Jakobsen were responsible for the goals as the Danish champions easily shook the cold of winter and overcame Deportivo La Coru?a with a 3-0. The victory was well deserved, as Deportivo never really showed interest in the offensive game, which once again proved its ineffective thumping. It was feared that AaB has not played a major battle since December, but there were moments when the Danish champions were presented as the best side in large periods of the match. Especially at the left, side taken by Anders Due, it was widely used in the first half, when he was sending a series of balls into the box.

DR Nordjylland (Aalborg): How sharp can the team be after almost 2 ? months without a match? Last night that was the big question for AaB’s battle in the UEFA Cup. The fight against Deportivo La Coru?a was AaB’s first competition fixture since December 10, but the troupe had no reason for concern. They continued where they left off before Christmas, with a 3-0 victory over Deportivo La Coru?a and now the team has not lost after 13 matches. The Spanish team was otherwise before the favorite for the game, and no one could expect what occurred at the Aalborg Stadion.  And it ended to be the largest result ever for a Danish side over a Spanish team. And this applies also if we include the national team results. Aalborg now has the chance to add another chapter to the history books in the return match in Spain for a week.



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