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23 Feb 2009
Second straight defeat for Fabril and the squad returns to relegation. Ramallo’s team had enough chances to equalise, especially in the second half, but once again all the occasions were wasted. Now Depor B will visit Real Union, the leader of the group.

Coach Tito Ramallo modified his scheme and played with a 4-3-2-1, same figure used by Lotina at the first squad. Manu stayed at the goal, Sergio Benito was the right-back defender, Castillo and Juanan the central defenders, while Diego Seoane played at the left spot. The triple pivote was composed by Juan Dom?­nguez, Rochela and Dani, while Iv??n P?©rez and Iv??n Carril performed as the playmakers in the formation. Finally Aridane was the lonely striker.

At Pontevedra, coach Jos?© Aurelio Gay was not counting with his most recent signing, Brazilian Marcos Ren??n, who was having a problem with his inscription, while Turiel was suspended and Yago injured. In attack, the main reference was Brazilian Yuri de Souza, striker that has scored six goals in the league.

Deportivo B paid, again, its lack of aim and fell down against a Pontevedra that just capitalised one of its three opportunities in the game. Aridane missed again the best opportunities for Fabril while the 4-3-2-1 system implemented by Ramallo just lasted 43 minutes. The main problem was that the new system just accumulated the players at the centre of the pitch, something that jammed the game of the locals.

To make things worse, the visitors found an early goal. This time it wasn’t a stationary play nor a corner-kick, but a counterattack. It was fruit of the Portuguese/Brazilian connection between Adriano Barbosa â€?Nene’ and Charles D?­az. At minute 9, Nene drilled a long pass that Charles ran to face Manu one-on-one, and then the Brazilian just crossed the keeper with a shot to the far post.

It was all Pontevedra needed in order to pick up the three points. In the rest of the first half, the public at Abegondo –mainly Pontevedra’s supporters- witnessed Fabril’s impotence trying to break the ordered defence of the visitors. And then Danilson was sent off seven minutes before the pause after the Angolan picked his second yellow of the game for a tough foul over Iv??n P?©rez.

Five minutes later, Ramallo decided to switch the system as Guille replaced central defender Castillo. The coach realised that Iv??n Carril and Iv??n P?©rez were just obstructing each other and that’s why he retuned to the â€?traditional’ 4-2-3-1. Rochela delayed his position and joined Juanan at the centre of the defence, Carril moved his position to the left wing, and Dani to the right, while Iv??n P?©rez was now the lonely playmaker in the formation.

The move was worthy and Fabril dominated the second half enjoying of eight clear chances to tie the actions. But all the occasions were wasted. Pontevedra, meanwhile, had two clear chances to define the game, but Yuri missed the occasions as Manu won both one-on-one duels. The first chance of Fabril was a short-range shot of Aridane that Saizar, the visiting keeper, saved. He appeared later to save a long-distance effort from Juan Dom?­nguez.

Then Juanan headed a corner and again Saizar cleared the danger. The clearest opportunity was in the boots of Aridane, the striker controlled the ball with the head when he was at the area, but he couldn’t send a proper shot when he was alone against Saizar, instead his volley hit the right post, the rebound was found by Juan Dom?­nguez, but the midfielder sent the ball wide when the keeper was already defeated.

Ramallo became desperate and changed the system in two additional occasions as he replaced Iv??n P?©rez with Hugo Garc?­a and later Sergio Benito with Nacho Matador. The squad passed to a 4-4-2 and then to a 3-5-2, but the problems to define the plays continued.

Guille participated in two of the last four occasions for Fabril, first with a header that went close to the post, and later with a drilling ball that he was looking against Saizar, but the keeper intercepted the pass. The other two opportunities were for Iv??n Carril with a strong shot from long-distance and for Aridane, who again missed a good opportunity as he couldn’t resolve from close-range.

Once again Fabril showed its miseries in the definition of the plays, and once again the B squad of Deportivo is falling down no matter it had several occasions to score goals. Ramallo switched the system three times throughout the match, but he never found the solution to break the deadlock at Pontevedra. The visitors just needed to capitalise one of its three chances against Manu and even played the half of the game with ten men.

Depor B was the only team between the last six clubs in the group that was defeated during the weekend, therefore Fabril lost two positions and it’s now sunk in the drop zone, two points under the salvation. On the next weekend, Depor B has to visit Real Uni??n, the leader of the group and the side that eliminated Real Madrid from the Copa Del Rey.

Deportivo B: Manu - Sergio Benito (Nacho Matador 76’), Castillo (Guille 43’), Juanan, Seoane - Juan Dom?­nguez, Rochela, Dani - Iv??n P?©rez (Hugo Garc?­a 67’), Iv??n Carril - Aridane.
Pontevedra: Sainar - Ormazabal, Jorge Rodr?­guez, V??zquez, Jonay - Xavi Mor?© (Dul 45’), Danilson - Nen?©, Gato (Bermudo 69’), Charles - Yuri (?“scar Guimer??ns  89’).
Goal: 0-1 (9’) Charles.
Referee: Rodr?­guez Cayetano. He showed yellow card to Alberto (on the bench), Rochela, Yuri and Jonay.
Venue: Abegondo (2,000)


Deportivo B 0 - Pontevedra 1

Bilbao Athletic 0 - Real Sociedad B 1

Racing B 0 - Celta B 0

Valladolid B 2 - Lemona 1

Sporting B 2 - Ponferradina 1

Marino 2 - Guijuelo 1

Barakaldo 2 - Sestao River 0

Cultural Leonesa 1 - Zamora 0

Lugo 1 - Racing Ferrol 1

Ciudad Santiago 1 - Real Union 1



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