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24 Feb 2009
Five players at the current squad of Deportivo were part of the miracle against AC Milan in Champions League (2004/05). The five of them were interviewed by newspaper Xornal de Galicia and talked about the possibilities that Depor has ahead of the second leg against Aalborg BK.

Manuel Pablo, Valer??n, Sergio, Pablo Amo and Gustavo Mun??a are the five survivors from the UEFA Champions League series against AC Milan back on the season 2004/2005. In that occasion Depor lost the first game with a 1-4 score and was needing a 3-0 to clinch the comeback, but beyond that, the Galician squad conquered an impressive 4-0 against a squad that was the European champion at the time.

Now Deportivo needs another 4-0 miracle, this time in order to pass the round in the UEFA Cup series against Aalborg BK. For Manuel Pablo is clear that the task against Milan was bigger than the present one, ?If we compare both teams, it’s clear that it was more difficult to surpass the series with Milan, and we did that.? Says Depor’ captain during an interview made by newspaper Xornal de Galicia to the five survivors of the clash with Milan.

Valer??n was also remembering the past and dreaming with the repetition of the miracle, ?It’s normal to see us faithful. We are saving all our mental and physical energy for this game. We will bring everything. What we did that day was incredible, I can’t express it with words. It was an impressive game. We were winning 3-0 at half-time. I remember that we all went running to the changing room when the first half ended. I don’t know why, maybe it was a reflect act.?

Catalan Sergio was also remembering the event, ?It was a tremendous sensation. Maybe we wanted to be isolated, to go to the changing room and think only of the game. We were connected, and it was curious, because as the game was passing, and as you were scoring goal after goal… it seemed that you were more revolutionized. We didn’t want to reach half-time, because we were at the top and the best thing was to continue.?

The ex-Espanyol midfielder is now convinced that Deportivo can achieve a comeback against AaB, ?We need to be focused. If they were able to score three times against us within 45 minutes, we can do it too. They will come with the lesson already learned, because they saw how we achieved the comeback against Brann, and surely they will be worried.?

Manuel Pablo was also pointing out what are the things that Depor must have for the game, ?The first ones that should believe in the mission are ourselves. Sometimes 90 minutes are enough. The ideal thing would be to score early, but sometimes, when you are pressing the less, you score. We are conscious that we don’t have anything to lose and that we must risk. The attitude must be the same that we had against Brann.?

Meanwhile, Mun??a was saying that the key will be the support from the fans, ?The players are more motivated with their support and the rival feels more pressured. I believe that, no matter the disadvantage, we still been the favourites to pass the round.? Finally, Pablo Amo was thinking the key is to not be too much hopeful for the match, ?I believe that sometimes, if you have less hopes or if you don’t believe too much on it, the better. But of course is possible. Between the fans and the players, we must achieve it. If we score a goal soon, we will have options. It’s the perfect night to do something big.?



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