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28 Feb 2009
Antonio Barrag??n in no longer a Depor’s player, this after the agreement reached between the club and the side defender. The deal is putting an end to a sad and polemic conflict with the Galician youngster, player that denounced the club a few months ago.

Antonio Barrag??n is no longer a Depor’s player. The club and the side defender signed the cancellation of his contract during Friday’s evening. On January 26, Barrag??n won the case he had with Deportivo about his situation at the team. He was demanding an economic compensation due his exclusion form the team at the start of the season.

He won the trial and the judge rewarded him with €400,000, this no matter he was inscribed in la liga at the start of this year. Now the club and the defender have reached an agreement to cancel the contract that was lasting until the year 2011. The player is receiving an economic compensation, but the club didn’t reveal the amount, though it was mentioned by canaldeportivo.com that it’s lower to the reward earned at the courthouse. The club also announced that no matter the situation, the player will be able to train at Abegondo until May 30, or until he finds a new club.

Deportivo paid €1 million to FC Liverpool in the year 2006 and signed young Antonio Barrag??n, one of the young talents appointed, at the time, to be the future right-back of Spain’s national squad. He played sixteen games on the season 2006/2007 under Caparr??s’ era, and then he performed for ten more games with Lotina during the past season.

But on April 20th 2008, the young defender suffered a serious knee injury at minute 60 of the liga match against Osasuna, injury that left him out of action for eight months. He was not inscribed for the liga season 2008/2009, and he didn’t like the situation, no matter he was not able to fulfill his duties with the club. That’s the reason why he presented the demand that has ended in the present scenario.



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