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02 Mar 2009
The Galician papers celebrated the victory of Deportivo in Soria, but nobody was impressed with the game displayed by Lotina’s squad. Meanwhile, at Soria, the papers are starting to assume the possible relegation of Numancia.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Depor kills suffering. Lotina returned to the 4-2-3-1 figure to hurt Numancia and trying to have the ball possession. That happened during the first quarter of an hour, moment in which Depor was feeling comfortable moving the ball at will, with patience, but also with depth and precision. In this initial phase, it created its best chances, especially one by Lassad and another of Lafita, Depor gave the impression of being much better than Numancia. However, later Depor was jammed and it was more difficult to generate offensive football with fluency. There were no clear ideas up front and the ball began to take less and less time in the boots of the Galicians. The squad from Soria, based on long balls, managed to lock the rival at its own area. Yet the team of Lotina always kept its composure at the back. After the break, it was limited to defend with two lines very close to each other, and then try to exploit the counterattack. Almost resigned to take the weight of the match, forcing Numancia to keep the initiative. The Sorians were defeated by anxiety and Depor sentenced with a counterattack. It was one of the few actions did in attack during the last forty-five minutes. Because after that initial stretch of good football, the midfield of the visitors disappeared. Verd?? started very well and then he was diluted, as the rest of the team. The 0-1 came, curiously, when Depor was suffering the most.

The best thing was that the defensive performance didn’t suffer despite the numerous casualties. Manuel Pablo and Lopo weren’t at the game and Z?© Castro was injured after half an hour of play, but the defensive line gave very good sensations. And not just the back four, which turned into five after Pablo Amo's entry. Also the participation of Juan Rodr?­guez embedded at the right wing gained more presence to midfield, where the Andalusian threw a hand to De Guzman and Antonio Tom??s. Laure also contributed at the right side. The former Fabril member again showed good things, but more in the destruction work than on the offensive tasks. In contrast, Filipe again was traveling on the left as if he was a real winger, and joined the attack on numerous occasions. Up front, Lassad showed his qualities backwards the goal and also inside the area. He still missing the goal, but always leaves details of been a very interesting player. The same goes for Angel Lafita. A genius plays of him enabled Juan Rodriguez to score the only goal of the match. In a general sense, there was no brilliance with the exception of the first quarter of an hour. Depor behaved like any other team from the bunch. It was not the same squad of other evenings playing away from home, and it didn’t look like the side that tends to corner its opponents at the Riazor. But it had the needed hard work to endure the rain until it found, almost unwittingly, the goal of the victory. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: Lafita emerged in a gray game. The smile returned to Depor in Soria, place where it met again with the victory. It frightened the witches and remains engaged in the fight for Europe. Numancia, which dominated so unsuccessfully the second part, falls into the last place and seems doomed to relegation. An individual action of Lafita, the best player in the game, was enough to decide a game played to aboard during the first 45 minutes, but very gray after the rest.

An action of the Aragonian, in a cavalcade of thirty meters from midfield, silenced Los Pajaritos. The Aragonian, an unstoppable cyclone with his career and that didn’t stop until he surpassed all the rivals until the edge of the area, assisted Juan Rodriguez, then the Andalusian crossed the ball against the exit of a desperate Juan Pablo. Depor is still dreaming of Europe. Pedro J. Barreiros.

AS: Lafita reigns in Soria. Yesterday’s game at Los Pajaritos was a real test of faith, not so much for the victory itself, but for what it meant. The three points that have flown to La Coru?±a left Deportivo plugged into Europe after three consecutive draws and a painful elimination in UEFA at the hands of Aalborg. By contrast, Numancia looks how the permanence is now a little bit far after the worst series of its history with seven consecutive defeats. Pacheta’s effect doesn’t appear anywhere, and every day the surprising dismissal of Kresic becomes more a presidential whim.

The victory of the Blanquiazul team was built on the ambition of Lafita, omnipresent in the plays of danger. Within six minutes, the Aragonian had painted the Sorian defense with a great pass that he sent to the path of Lassad and that later hit the post. Soon after, he made a sublime control, got rid of the nervous Juan Pablo and only the appearance of Boris prevented the goal.

But the Galician harassment did not have a prize. Gradually, Aranda was throwing of his the team and Aranzubia began to work. The striker and the keeper were in a head-to-head collision that fell on the side of Depor’s player. The occasion gave confidence to Numancia, seeking again and again at the edge of the area with countless crosses and set-pieces, something did in order to yield the work made by Pacheta during the week. Boris was close, but the strategy did not create too many troubles against a Depor that was losing the confidence as the minutes progressed.

Suspended Pacheta was forced to shout during half-time, because Numancia, spurred by Depor's injuries, went out for everything after the break. Del Pino and the strategy gave a lot of work to Aranzubia, and after the initial efforts, Depor searched again for the toned Lafita. Then the Aragonian hooked a ball fifteen minutes before the end and after snaking between the local defenders, he gave a perfect pass that Juan Rodriguez did not spare. Lafita reigned in Soria, and Numancia, if not recovers soon the throne at Los Pajaritos, will have to start thinking of Segunda. Luis De La Cruz

Xornal de Galicia: Depor showed the machine gun as it saw Los Pajaritos. The blue and white team went out with a winning mentality, pressure and warnings from a top winner, but the post, bad luck and the blindness of the referee were engaged in putting out the fire, which lasted 45 minutes, and in the second part, it only revived to see Juan Rodriguez putting the 0-1 in the scoresheet. Three points and time to return home. Mercedes Cernadas.

Heraldo de Soria: A step backwards. This has a bad feeling. The team has entered into a negative period and the fans are already resigned. Everyone grabbed the game against Deportivo as one of the last tables of salvation, but the clash was not a lifeguard, but an unsalvageable iceberg that is sinking gradually the whole Numantino squad.

Pacheta made a small revolution in the scheme, but the squad has now the ideas frozen. The coach based his changes on a defense of five men, with Felipe Gur?©ndez, Pav??n, Sergio Boris, Raul Bravo and Bellv?­s, but frankly, I do not know if Numancia is at the right moment to be fulfilling too many changes of players, or rather to change their mentality and motivation. With a defence of five men, the side defenders must be rapid and willing to attack, however, before Depor, this goal was in a second term.

In front, Deportivo, beset by injuries and the need to claim itself after the failed European participation, came to Los Pajaritos with the lesson learned. A line of four at the back and accumulation of many men in the middle of the field to prevent the ball possession for the rival, and avoid the exits from the local players. When Lotina’s men were regaining control of the ball, output of Lafita, Juan Rodriguez or Verd??, to join Lassad. The injuries of Z?© Castro and Antonio Tom??s did not change the approach of Miguel Angel Lotina, because Colotto and Sergio performed the same mission as their team mates.

The second half began with good feelings for the Numantinos, because Pacheta’s players enjoyed good times in the opening stages. Del Pino, just starting the actions, forced Aranzubia to appear and make a great intervention. A few seconds later, Nagore ended badly a lost ball inside the area and the Basque has no problems stopping his effort. Nagore himself, headed in the far post a cross from Barkero, but Aranda failed and Del Pino’s shoot went close to the post after a cross from Felipe.

Those were minutes in which Numancia gave the sense of danger and to have the match under control, but it was a mirage because Depor, doing very little, as the Lotina himself recognised later, took advantage of a counterattack, led by Lafita since his own field and that was not cut by any Numancia’s player, to release Juan Rodriguez, who broke by the right side to beat Juan Pablo. A mistake that gives a strong hit and thrust away the hopes of permanence for Los Numantinos. A. Mart?­nez.



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