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03 Mar 2009
First POM of the season for Angel Lafita. Also, it has been the toughest month as three players were tied in the fist place at the end of the month. In the end the Aragonian won the prize since he was 4 times among the best 3 players in the 6 games disputed by Depor during the month.

February was a mixed month for Deportivo, the squad of Lotina didn’t lose any game in liga, but it only achieved one victory. It also meant the elimination from the UEFA Cup after a painful tie with Aalborg BK. The selection of the player of the month award (POM) was very difficult this time, because six different men were chosen as the best player in each one of the six games disputed by Deportivo during February.

In the end the award was for Angel Lafita, winger that conquered his lonely man of the match award (MOM) during the lonely victory of Depor in February: the 3-0 Vs Villarreal at the Riazor. The Aragonian and Riki shone in that game, but Lafita picked the gold as he scored two of the three goals that led Depor to the path of the victory.

In the following two weeks, Depor was unable to bet Mallorca and Osasuna, in those matches Aranzubia and Valer??n were chosen as the best players, while Lafita ended third in both occasions. Then the squad suffered the first setback against AaB, Lafita just played some minutes in the encounter and didn’t take part of the list of best players. His replacement in the starting formation, Pablo Alvarez, was picked as the best man of that match.

Lafita returned for the home game against Valencia and picked a third place in the preferences of the Pe?a members, Lassad won his first MOM at Depor for the occasion no matter he was unable to score a goal. Then the second defeat against AaB occurred and once again Lafita was left out of the best trio in the game, honour that was for Filipe Luis, this despite the squad allowed three goals in the game.

In the end Angel Lafita has been picked as the best player of February, because he was always among the three best players of the four liga games disputed in the month: He won a MOM in the confrontation against Villarreal and in the other three games (Osasuna, Valencia and Mallorca) he ended third. The only two games in which he was sidelined from the preferences were the two legs against Aalborg

Match Ratings Review: (Only top free rated player shown for each match)

Vs Villarreal (Liga - 1/2/2009)

1st = Lafita- 5 pts (23)

2 = Riki & Valeron - 3 pts (10)

3= De Guzman - 1 pt. (2)

At Mallorca (Liga - 8/2/2009)

1st = Aranzubia- 5 pts (68)

2 = Verdu - 3 pts (24)

3= Lafita - 1 pt. (18)

Vs Osasuna (Liga - 14/2/2009)

1st = Valeron- 5 pts (36)

2 = De Guzman - 3 pts (26)

3= Lafita - 1 pt. (7)

At AaB (Uefa Cup - 19/2/2009)

1st = Pablo Alvarez- 5 pts (12)

2 = Sergio - 3 pts (11)

3= Aranzubia - 1 pt. (9)

Vs Valencia (22/2/2009)

1st = Lassad- 5 pts (91)

2 = Filipe - 3 pts (68)

3= Lafita - 1 pt. (11)

Vs AaB (Uefa Cup - 26/2/2009)

1st = Filipe- 13 pts (13)

2 = Sergio - 3 pts (6)

3= Colotto - 1 pt. (5)

In February, Guardado was out of action due to injury reasons, therefore Dani Aranzubia is now leading the global list for the player of the season award, while Lafita is approaching and now occupying the third place in the table.

Overall Table 2008/2009:

1st. Aranzubia - 46 pts 

2nd. Guardado - 45 pts

3rd. Lafita - 41 pts

4th. Valeron - 29 pts

5h. Filipe - 27 pts

6th. Bodipo - 26 pts

7th. Pablo Alvarez - 16 pts

8th. De Guzman - 14 pts

8th. Verdu - 14 pts

9th. Manuel Pablo - 13 pts

10th. Sergio - 12 pts

11th. Riki - 9 pts

12th. Colotto - 8 pts

13th. Ze Castro - 6 pts

14th. Lassad - 5 pts

14th. Lopo - 5 pts

14th. Rodriguez - 5 pts

16th. Bravo - 1 pt




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