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04 Mar 2009
Deportivo returned to train on Wednesday, after the session ended, coach Lotina talked with reporters about some issues. The main one was Omar Bravo, but he also referred to the current situation of the squad, including the return of Riki and Guardado.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was attending the media at Abegondo after the first training of the week, he was feeling relieved since Guardado and Riki are near to return, ?Those are very good news, we will see how they train tomorrow. The idea is to make a training game of a half an hour and see how they are, to see them finding the distances on the pitch, if they pass the test, then they will enter on Sunday. They represent two fundamental people up front, place where we have a lot of casualties. It’s important to have Riki since the beginning, or at least able to participate.? No mater if both men are fit to play on Sunday, Lotina confirmed that he will keep playing with a 4-3-2-1 system.

Later he was talking about the casualties suffered on Sunday (Ze Castro and Antonio Tom??s), ?The team was fine, besides we were dragging some things from Thursday. Luckily, we are fine with the midfielders and at the back zone, we are recovering Pablo Amo. It’s a pity, because they were in a good moment, but we are protected in both positions. Eduardo (Dominguez) is right now working to recover the players that have fallen during this bad streak.?

Depor’s coach also warned in public that his players shouldn’t feel relaxed now the squad is eliminated from UEFA, ?Now I don’t want to see any relaxation, I don’t care the standings but we need to give more in everything. I won’t admit that people would think we already fulfilled our duties and that they should be sleeping until September. Anyone falling asleep is going out of the team, they are already warned. We must go out for everything, to try to end in the higher position.?

But the situation that has raised all the attention was the one related to Omar Bravo, Mexican striker that already joined Tigres de Monterrey. On Wednesday’s issue, Depor Sport presented a very ?rude’ interview with Lotina, there Depor’s trainer was heavily criticizing the player, the cover of the paper had a very illustrative sentence from the coach: "Omar (Bravo) has disappointed me; I thought he was a gentleman." Phrase that leaves big doubts about the possible return of Omar during the upcoming summer.

The thing upsetting Lotina is that Omar denied in public that he was the one asking for the door out, and that he didn’t want to go to Denmark in order to face the first-leg with Aalborg, as Lotina said to Depor Sport, ?To create doubts about what happened is something I wasn’t expecting from him. I thought he was a person that always gives the face. It’s strange to see him doing this, because he can cheat the fan, but the rest of the team and the coaches already know the truth. When I told him that he should be traveling to Aalborg, he didn’t say no, but he told me that he didn’t want to go because he was wishing to go to Tigres. In the end he traveled in order to help the team.?

This last thing was later explained with more details during the press conference that took place at Abegondo, as Lotina said to reporters: ?I told him that he should go with us to Mallorca, but that if he wouldn’t play, he shouldn’t be saying anything. When we returned he told me he was going to Mexico, that the club have already informed him about a deal, that he wouldn’t travel to Aalborg. Then I called Richard (Moar), and he told me that there wasn’t any deal, and then I told Ribera to explain to him that he was forced to travel to Denmark, because we only had 18 players. He told me he didn’t want to go, because that day an offer from Tigres was arriving and that he wanted to be present.?

Later Lotina continued with his complain, ?I never lie, never. He talked with the club before doing it with me. I was doing a favour taking him to Mallorca, because in this way he could be picked for his national team. Other favour was to allow his exit to Tigres, because in this way he can return to the national team. Another favour was when I allowed him to go there five days before the deadline, this in order to see the player having more possibilities.?

Finally, the Me?aka-born trainer emphasised, once again, that he is upset because Bravo gave the impression that the coach was the one lying about the situation, ?I hope he will succeed there and that later he will sit at my side and explain to me the things. I am sick of players that go out leaving here a lot of doubts with the fans. The only thing he can reclaim to me is that he didn’t play too often, for the rest I am disappointed, because it was a person of whom I wasn’t expecting this. I am screwed, you can’t leave those doubts in the air, and you can’t deny the things you already said to me.?




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