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05 Mar 2009
For the first time on the season, Depor has been wiped away due to a plague of injuries that’s currently affecting the squad. Eight men are out of action due to different physical problems and Lotina has been forced to use Fabril’s players.

All started with an isolate case: Andr?©s Guardado. The Mexican winger fell injured on January 18th at the Camp Nou (stress fracture), it occurred at the middle of the season and until that point, Depor was spending the campaign without too many concerns related to the injuries. But suddenly, Riki, Bodipo, Manuel Pablo, Mista and Cristian joined the list at the injury room.

And Antonio Tomas and were the last ones added to the list of problems after both men fell down injured in the past liga game at Numancia. To mention that all of these eight men suffered injuries when they were playing a game and that all the cases are related to muscular problems, the exception is Manuel Pablo, the Canarian defender suffered a knee injury during a training.

Now, the physical trainer of the squad, Eduardo Dom?­nguez, tries to explain the situation. The coach was saying to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a that to suffer a muscular injury is a normal thing in this sport, â€?There are a lot of factors related to the appearance of injuries, and one of them is that football is an sport in which there are more worries of a muscular injury, because there are jumps, change of directions and sprints.â€?

However, Dom?­nguez was saying that the abnormal thing was to pass from zero injury cases to have so many in a matter of days, â€?The abnormal thing was what occurred until now, we spent a few clean months, without too many injuries, apart from the case of Pablo Amo. Actually we had games in which we had to sideline six players from the list and they were fine, but there was no room for them. It’s also abnormal to be suffering so many cases now; the normal thing is to have two or three cases per game.â€?

It was known since the beginning that Depor would have to play three competitions, including an early participation in Europe through the Intertoto Cup, as Dom?­nguez remembered it, â€?We tried to control several factors like the food after the games, or the previous warming exercises, we were so exhaustive that people started to say we were exaggerating the things.â€? 

One of the general ideas is that a long season means tireness and therefore physical problems, but at Depor, Lopo, Filipe Luis and Juan Rodr?­guez, the three field players with more minutes on the season, haven’t suffered any serious injury. Depor’s physical coach analysed this situation, â€?Curiously , the players with more minutes haven’t suffered any injury, and sometimes there are men that spent the whole season with some issues but they don’t miss a game, and sometimes there are players that got injured at the less expected moment. The true is that there are some players more liable than others, it also affect if they have suffered past injuries or their current mental state. Those are internal factors, and later you have external factors like the state of the pitch, the changes in the weather or the same risks of the competition.â€?

Finally, Dominguez assures that, no matter the big number of casualties that’s currently affecting the squad, the situation is not something to be alarmed, �Because the injuries are not occurring in the same area, one is having problems with the carburetor, other with the spark plugs and another with the tire.� He said as a way of comparison with a car.



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