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05 Mar 2009
Caparr??s was signed as the captain of Lendoiro’s ship in the quest for the �third lesson’, but his four lonely youngsters promoted to the first squad are currently lost between Segunda B and Tercera. Meanwhile, Lotina already picked five youngsters from Fabril and is promising to add more soon.

It was the year 2005; Deportivo was in deep financial troubles and president Lendoiro already had decided to switch the policy of Deportivo from the old one based in important signings into other based in the young squads. In order to carry out with this mission, the president chose Joaqu?­n Caparr??s as the leader of the ship. The Andalusian was know for his previous work at Sevilla and seemed to be the right choice.

But in the end the results were poor, because only four members of the youth teams were able to debut at the first squad during the two years that Caparr??s spent at Depor: Senel, Iago Iglesias, Iv??n Carril and Rub?©n Rivera. Of this short list, only Carril still at the club, although at Fabril. The Galician winger is fulfilling his last year of contract and will surely be released at the end of the season.

The other three youngsters joined other teams, but they aren’t succeeding in the world of football. Iago is at Valencia B, while Senel plays for Zamora (both at Segunda B). Rivera is at Monta?±eros (Tercera). Therefore, the four â€?products’ of Caparr??s are not even playing at the best two divisions in Spain.

That’s the reality of the so called â€?Baby-Depor’, phrase now vanished in time. And all of this taking in mind that Caparr??s started an ambitious project at the start of his second year at the club, this after he picked several youngsters to the pre-season stage at Isla Canela. At the time, he traveled with David Rochela, Juan Dom?­nguez, Marcos Caridad, Pablo Rivadulla, Alberto (Juveniles); Fabricio Agosto and Ian Mackay (Fabril). Later he also picked Dani Bea from Juvenil B from a liga match against Valencia.

It’s true that all of this youngsters, with the exception of Rivadulla and Mackay, still at the club, but it’s also true that Caparr??s never worked seriously with them, because they were forgotten after the pre-season stage.

And now, with only one year and a half at the club, his successor, Miguel Angel Lotina, is bringing better results without making so much noise. And it’s that the Basque coach already promoted five youngsters to the first squad: Piscu, Chapi, Fabricio, Laure and Lassad. The most important thing is that, contrary to what occurred with Caparr??s, four of those five players still there.

Adri??n L??pez �Piscu’ is without doubt the first and so far the best of �Lotina’s products�. The defender was picked as an emergency solution to cover the casualty of Lopo during the past campaign, and the Galician youngster surprised everybody as he marked very well veterans like Tamudo and Kanoute. In the end he earned at place at Depor’s first team.

Later it was the time for Fabricio, another �emergency solution’ used by the coach, this case used to cover the conflict with the keepers. But this �bet’ hasn’t been successful, because the Canarian is near to leave the club –probably during the summer- due to a conflict between the club and his agent. Neither good was the case of Chapi, who played a couple of times in Copa, Depor never arranged a new contract with the defender and he ended in Belgium. Anyhow, Lotina can’t be blamed for both cases, as their exits are more a responsibility of the club’s officials.

For the present season, the two youngsters that have been promoted are Laure and Lassad. And this time the bets were worthy. Laure has been a decent replacement for Manuel Pablo, while Lassad, another emergency solution, surprised everybody with his performance in attack. Actually the Tunisian striker already signed a professional deal for the next season.

And the best thing is that Lotina is promising to continue with the project, Fabril’s central defender Juanan is the next in the list of possible incorporations coming from the youth teams, the Majorcan already played three games in Europe (two in Intertoto and one in UEFA) and is pushing for a place at the first squad. Also Chirri, right winger that, no matter is debuting on this season at Fabril, was already picked to the first team in a couple of opportunities. Unfortunately, Chirri suffered an injury during this week (hamstring strain) and will be out of action during one month, meaning that probably he won’t be picked again by Lotina on this season. However, he should have a chance in the next campaign.



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