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10 Feb 2006
Caparr??s and the players admitted that the goal scored in Barcelona is important since it could be the decisive factor in this eliminatory, but they also point out that Deportivo should have had a better performance in the match, specially after taking an early lead in the score."

Coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s was very disappointed with the defeat. For him Depor wasted an important opportunity to take the lead in the series: "We lost a good chance of achieving a magnificent result today." the Utrera-born coach also criticised the mentality of his men: "We can't allow a goal in the last minutes, especially if this happens after a free-kick and during a semifinal game, this can’t happen in a professional team."

But Caparr??s has consolation in Rub?n's goal, an important achievement that for him could be the decisive factor in this eliminatory: "At least we scored a goal, now we only need one more in order to reach the final, but the defeat is still hurting me." Finally the Sevillan coach recognised the importance of Pandiani in this game: "He was decisive since he scored, that's what you ask from a player with his characteristics."

Rub?n Castro is more positive since he believes that the goal scored is very important for Deportivo: "The objective was to conquer a goal and achieve an empty sheet, for that reason we can say that the final result isn't bad although the defeat is a thing that we don't like."

Javier Arizmendi was very disappointed with the final score. The Madrilian striker thinks that Depor could have had a better performance: "We looked like fools after the comeback of Espanyol. We weren't able to support our early advantage and we should have done a better job." Arizmendi also admitted that the reason for his exit at half-time was a muscular problem that he felt; however, he will be ready for the match with Betis.

The striker also said that the polemic play of the penalty in which Lopo challenged him in Espanyol's area was a good call of the referee: "I believe that it was a clear penalty, he pushed me with his arm and he didn't let me pass and face the keeper."

V?ctor was also frustrated with the final result. For him Depor failed to take advantage of the occasions they enjoyed: "Although the score isn't bad we don't have a good taste of mouth. The sensation is of anger since we didn't fulfill the occasions we had and at the end they made a comeback in the score."

Espanyol's coach, Miguel Angel Lotina is happy with the result, but he thinks that nothing is secure in this eliminatory: "My team did all that they could and I can't ask more from them. The result is good, but in Spain the only historical favorites are Barcelona and (Real) Madrid. We have our choices and we will have to fight for them."

Walter Pandiani, the hero for the local side confessed that he felt a weird sensation when he scored the goal: "I didn't feel shameful when I scored the goal. Espanyol is the team that feeds me and I wanted to score. But it wasn't a vengeance and the truth is that I felt weird things when I did it. I said hello to all my former partners."

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