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4-4-2 OR 4-2-3-1?

12 Mar 2009
The media in La Coru?a has speculated during the week that Lotina will switch the system into a 4-4-2, this since Lassad and Riki left a positive impression during the 5-3 win over Racing when both men were over the grass at the same time. Lotina still has to decide.

During the present season, Lotina has never used a starting lineup with two strikers at the same time, but that might change for Sunday’s visit to Sporting Gij??n (17h00 CET). According to reports coming from A Coru?a, the Basque coach is seriously thinking in presenting a 4-4-2 system at El Molin??n. And that means a squad with Lassad and Riki playing at the same time

And all is based in the words of Lotina during his latest press conference, ?It can’t be discarded to go out with two strikers. It may happen. It will depend on how we see the things from here to Sunday. I am very content with Lassad and enchanted to see Riki recovered. Although he is not an undisputed starter, Riki is a fundamental player due the things he adds.?

On Thursday, Lotina didn’t test any special formation ahead of the visit to Gij??n, but it shouldn’t be discarded to see again a 4-2-3-1 figure (scheme used in the last two liga games), especially taking in mind the latest physical problems of Lassad, plus the fact that Depor still missing Bodipo and Mista for injury reasons, meaning Lotina only has, again,  two available strikers for the game.

About the problems of Lassad, newspaper La Voz de Galicia printed a report in which it is explained the reason why the Tunisian is facing so much problems in the hamstring muscles. Doctor Carlos Lari?o was explaining in the report that the problem is genetic, ?He is shorten at the back, in other words he has short muscles at the back of both legs, that’s why it’s more frequent to see him suffering a problem in the hamstring muscles (back of the leg) than in the quadriceps (front of the leg). That’s his anatomy. It’s not something wrong. You can’t change that, but you can prevent a problem. As example, enhancing the recovery of the muscles at the back zone.?

In other injury news , doctor Lari?o analysed the case of Manuel Pablo, the Canarian has been dragging an adductor problem since February, but now it has been detected he is suffering an inflammation in the Soleus muscle, problem that’s delaying his return, ?The Soleus works as long as you stand. It take five weeks to recover, so far he’s within the parameters we had established at the beginning, but it’s slower than we would like. He perfectly tolerates working at the gym with weights, but when he jumps to the field, he suffers. In the resonance we saw a slight inflammation in the muscle and our goal is to have him ready for the match against Espanyol [4 or 5 April]"Lari?o said to La Voz de Galicia.

Manuel Pablo traveled on Friday to Las Palmas in order to rest and spend some days of vacation, he will return on Monday. Meanwhile, Albert Lopo trained normally on Thursday and all appoints the Catalan will be a starter on Sunday.



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