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10 Feb 2006
The papers criticised the performance of the referee Medina Cantalejo, but Depor's lack of concentration was also emphasised. The entrance of De la Pe?a and the opportune appearance of Pandiani were other crucial factors appointed by the papers.

La Voz de Galicia: They had the ticket to the final in the pocket and now Deportivo will have to wait until the second-leg game at the Riazor. The penalty-spot was the place in which Depor eliminated Valencia, and it was the same area where the squad started the road to the final. The Galician team trusted in the ability of Arizmendi and also in the eyes of Medina Cantalejo. After that, the defensive wall appeared and the squad searched the counterattacks in order to give more troubles to the rival. but all the good work disappeared without explanation in just four minutes. A new penalty, a red card and the contribution of De la Pe?a and Pandiani (the favorite enemy) were the factors that decided the final score. Jos? M. Fern??ndez.

AS: The game was ending and the title of this chronic was ready: Medina 1 - Cantalejo 1. It was clear that the two goals in the score were the product of two invented penalties by the referee. It wasn't foul the challenge of Lopo over Arizmnedi and neither was the accidental hand of Andrade in Depor's area. But the last act of the match, and maybe of the eliminatory was performed by Pandiani (yes Augusto, it was him!) with a goal typical of a striker: a lost ball, mess in the area and good-bye Molina... ah Molina! how many doubts! 2-1 and the history changed: el rifle, shot the last bullet. Now Riazor will decide when they find a date for the second-leg game. Tom??s Guasch.  

La Opinion A Coru?a: Something good has been made by Deportivo since the referees are treating them really well. Caparr??s' squad saw how the doors of the final were open with a doubtful penalty awarded after a challenge of Lopo against Arizmendi. Rub?n scored the goal and the wish of the Sevillan trainer was fulfilled. But Espanyol showed before to this situation the strategy that they would use. The right side was the place in which Jofre, Pandiani  and Armando S?? created more danger thanks to the poor performance of Manuel Pablo who one more time gave a bad impression. The game could be defined sooner, but Depor failed to fulfill a counterattack in which three strikers faced one single defender, Rub?n couldn't score. From the penalty-spot he is fine, but he still missing consistency to score in a normal play. From a situation in which the Galicians were controlling the actions the game passed into a disorder clearly demonstrated with the red card of Coloccini, until that moment he was the best player of the game. From outstanding to zero in just a few seconds. With ten man the mission was to support the result, but it get broken in the last second. Arturo Pati?o.

El Ideal Gallego: In Montjuic we saw of everything: goals, polemics, an expulsion and mainly a suffered comeback made by Espanyol against a Deportivo that ended the match without gasoline. The fury of Caparr??s is completely justified since a team that's fighting for the pass into a final can't, in any case, leave alone an opportunist striker like Pandiani, one that's very well know. Alberto Torres.

Sport (Barcelona): Espanyol maintains intact their aspirations in order to reach the final. They will have to fight and suffer a lot, but last night win is a boost for the morale.  All seemed to be ending with the first goal, but the illusion of the players and the fans helped for the comeback during a brilliant second half. The stadium lived one of their magic nights. Pandiani scored in the last breathe, but the merit is for De La Pe?a who made a wonderful assist. Now the team must think in Riazor, a difficult stadium, but the Galicians are failing there more than an empty gun and the Catalans are better in their away matches. It's time to dream. The illusion is total. Juan Carlos Gracia.

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