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18 Mar 2009
Coach Lotina is targeting the mark of 65 points as the objective in order to reach the Champions League, this is the new goal of the team, according to the coach, after achieving the mathematical salvation. The Basque was also assuring Z?© Castro won’t play Vs Betis.

The squad returned to train on Wednesday’s morning, but the main news of the day was outside the pitch.  And it’s that coach Miguel Angel Lotina gave an interview to newspaper Xornal de Galicia in which he was now targeting Europe and even the Champions League, â€?It’s that with 42 points, we can not talk anymore of permanence, we need to redefine the goals. The logical thing would be to think of Europe. If we win the six home games we still have to play, plus adding five of the fifteen points we still have to dispute away from home, then we will have sixty-five points, and the normal thing, with that number, is to end in Champions.â€?

In that same interview, the Basque coach was warning that Depor must not despise Real Betis just because the Galician team defeated them in the first round, �If we think that we will repeat the victory just because we defeated almost all the rivals on the first round, then we can start saying good bye to the UEFA and the Champions. Every game is different. Though the teams are the same, we will always have a different emotional aspect, the situation in which every team faces a game is different too, and that’s a decisive thing in highest level football.�

Later, on Wednesday, after the training of the squad at Abegondo, Lotina talked to reporters at the press room, he was discarding the participation of Z?© Castro in the game with Betis after the Portuguese already started to train, â€?The issue of Z?© Castro is too much precipitated. In the beginning we won’t count with him for Sunday. He was willing to play because he’s competitive, he likes football. But when I talked to the doctors, I decided we don’t need to take risks with this man, because we have Pablo Amo and Adri??n.â€?â€?

The Me?±aka-born trainer had a few words to show his satisfaction with what Depor is doing on the season, â€?The team has surprised me, both in the game practiced and the results, I was not expecting to have forty two points at this stage of the season. They have surprised me, either in an individual as in a collective sense.â€?

Then he was analysing the situation of the direct rivals for the European spots, �All the games we are going to play are confrontations against teams that are playing for everything, because everybody, except Malaga and us, haven’t accomplished the goals established at the start of the season. We already fulfilled them, and since that point, we need to be ambitious. We know all the rivals will come out with a knife between the teeth.�

Finally, Lotina was giving a new warning about the dangerous visit of Betis to the Riazor, �Right now Betis is more dangerous playing away from home, because they don’t have the pressure of its fans, people that can’t understand why there are where they currently are. Besides, they have a great squad, they are dangerous since they have fast and quality people up front.�



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