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18 Mar 2009
Filipe and Juan Rodr?­guez have played in all the liga games of the season. Since the last promotion to Primera, only seven men have been able to participate in all the matches of the liga campaign. Now, both players must surpass any possible injuries plus the shadow of the suspension in order to fulfill the mark.

Since the season 1991/1992, the one of the last promotion to Primera Divisi??n, only seven men have been able to play in all the games of the liga season: Lia?±o, Molina, Aouate, Fran (two occasions), Djukic, Makaay and Coloccini. This last one during the past campaign and even participating in all the possible minutes (3,420).

Other historic players at the club were close to reach the perfection, but they missed the goal due to one single game. Those are the cases of men like Bebeto, Mauro Silva, Rivaldo, Songo'o, Manuel Pablo and Jorge Andrade Now, two more players are searching the mark: Filipe Luis and Juan Rodr?­guez. Both already played the 27 matches disputed so far and need 11 more to reach the perfection.

Andalusian midfielder Juan Rodriguez is fulfilling his most complete season since his arrival two seasons ago, he played 31 liga matches with Caparr??s during the 2006/2007 campaign, later he added 26 on the past course, the first one with Lotina.

But the most interesting case is the one of Filipe Luis, the Brazilian is so far the man with more minutes at Depor’s squad during this season (2,422 in la liga, 3,598 in all the competitions). Actually, he accumulates 52 straight appearances as starter in la liga (27 on this season, plus the last 25 of the past campaign); this is the highest mark between all the active players currently at Primera Divisi??n. However, the mark is far from the 108 straight appearances of ex-captain Fran.

But there is a problem that both men need to avoid, besides an injury, if they want to reach the perfect mark: a possible suspension. And it’s that both men already picked four yellow cards on the season, meaning that a new one will mean to miss a game.



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