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18 Mar 2009
Canarian Juan Carlos Valer??n had a personal conversation with journalist Omar Bello from newspaper Xornal de Galicia. The playmaker talked about his career in La Coru?a, some issues of his personal life and also about his situation inside the squad.

After Monday’s training session, Juan Carlos Valer??n had a personal conversation with journalist Omar Bello, he was training shots from midfield with Fabricio and explained what he was doing, ?It’s that I love football. That’s what I like the most from life. Right now I was trying to hit the crossbar with Fabricio… and he won (he laughed)?.

Valer??n was trying to explain how he obtained his technique, something praised by the media and the fans, ?I liked to escape from school and go practice football at the beach of Arguinegu?n (his hometown), so imagine how it was. It is much difficult to play over that surface. It isn’t the only factor that has helped me to improve, but it is true that it helped me a lot.?  

Later he assured that he is physically fine, while he confessed he would like to play more minutes, ?I’m in perfect shape. I still have to offer a lot to football. I can still compete during three or four seasons at the highest level. If I’m happy now, it will be impressive if I could be a starter. It is a decision of the coach, and we must respect it, because he’s the one that decides. It is clear I would love to play more often; all of us must be at the top in order to try to enter into Europe. There are teams that, in theory, have more potential, and they will only lose a few games until the end of season, but we have our own chances and we will try.?

The Canarian playmaker was also confessing that he likes car racing and tennis, ?I love them. I always wanted to watch live a tennis game of the highest level, Nadal or any other player of the same category. Or to go and watch live the Formula 1. But I never could. It is impossible during the normal season and during the vacations, I travel to my home, to Las Palmas, because I spent the rest of the year away from home. In the summer, before the pre-seasons, I like to play a game of tennis, because I like the sport, it helps me to stay in shape.?

Valer??n was assuring he’s already used to the life in A Coru?a after seven years at Depor, ?This is my second home. I live with my mother and sister. And thanks God, because I can only cook a fried egg, so I would be spending tough times without them (he laughs).? He also talked about his hobbies, ?I like both, music and videogames, but more music than the Playstation. I like all the styles, in my free moments I play the guitar, because is relaxing. I am not a pro, because since I was training, I didn’t have the time to attend to music lessons.?

The ex-Atletico admitted his predilection for the Internet, ?I like a lot to surf on the Internet, though when I travel with the team, I never carry my computer. I prefer to be focused in the game.? He also confessed to be clueless about fashions, ?For nothing. I tell you the true, I don’t remember the last time I was buying clothes. It’s something in which I don’t like to lose the time.?

Finally, El Flaco was talking about what he misses the most from the Canary Islands, ?Strawberry Clippers. It’s a drink made in the Canary Islands. Like the Coca-Cola, but of strawberry. It is a vice. I can drink 500, but here in Galicia we can’t find it. I carry a lot of cans when I come back from Las Palmas, but they last two days.?



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