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20 Mar 2009
On this liga season, Deportivo and Malaga are the two sides that have scored more goals from the penalty spot. At the same time, the Galician team is second in terms of fouls suffered inside the area and that ended in a penalty kick.

At Gij??n, Deportivo scored two goals from the penalty spot; it’s the first time since the season 2000/2001 in which the Blanquiazul squad is rewarded with two penalties in the same liga match. At the time Depor was hosting Alav?©s at the Riazor, and Diego Trist??n transformed both opportunities into goals to lead Deportivo to a 2-1 win (May 13th, 2001).

Now, the goals scored by Sergio and Riki have raised the number of penalties whistled in favor of Depor to eight. That’s the second highest mark at Primera Divisi??n on this season, just one less than Athletic Bilbao, while M??laga, Barcelona and Getafe are sharing the second place with Depor. At the other side, Sevilla has only been favoured with one penalty on the liga campaign.

Of the eight penalties whistled in favour of Depor, the Galicians have just missed once, it was the one that Joan Verd?? failed at Almeria. Curiously, the Catalan vindicated himself as he later scored the winning goal in that match. Sergio is the player that has scored the most from the penalty spot: 3 goals. Meanwhile Verd?? did it twice and the other two were for Riki and Omar Bravo. Bodipo and Riki are the players that have caused more penalties, each striker has earned two.

Another curious thing is that until last weekend’s defeat at Sporting, Depor hadn’t lost a match in which a penalty was whistled in favour of the Galicians. Actually, it had won all the games with the exception of the visit to RCD Mallorca. However, the penalties for Depor were only decisive in the visits to Mallorca and Getafe, this means the penalties have only helped Depor to add four points, in the rest of occasions (3), the matches were decided in normal plays (2-0 Vs Malaga, 3-1 Vs Athletic Bilbao and 4-1 Vs Recreativo) 

Despite been at the top of the list of penalties in favour, Depor’s players are convinced they have deserved more. As Joan Verd?? was remembering during a recent report made by newspaper La Voz De Galicia, �I believe the penalties that were whistled in our favour don’t represent all the fouls that we have suffered, there were more that weren’t whistled.� As example the one over the same Verd?? during the home match with Athletic Bilbao that was committed by keeper Iraizoz .

Riki was another player that was having the same feeling, �The one whistled to me at Gij??n was a real penalty, because they pulled me, though it can be whistled or not. Actually, against Santander, they made exactly the same foul over me and it wasn’t called.� Was the comment of the Madrilenian during the report of La Voz De Galicia.

The fact of having so much penalties in favour just indicates that Deportivo is having a big presence at the rival’s area, and this idea is shared by Laure, �We are creating a lot of scoring opportunities, and when you are steeping into the area, the possibilities of suffering a foul are bigger.� He said to reporters.



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