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03 Apr 2009
Second straight POM of the season for Angel Lafita, the Aragonian shone in the games against Numancia and Racing, reason why he earned a MOM for both occasions. Lafita is also the leader in RCDLC.com Pe?a list for player of the season award.

Deportivo played four liga matches in the month of March, but RCDLC.com Pe?a members only voted in three of the four games: Numancia, Racing Santander and Sporting Gij??n. And Angel Lafita earned a POM (player of the month award) for the second straight time.

The Aragonian winger picked his first MOM (men of the match award) during the visit to Numancia, it was a hard visit for Deportivo, but a great solo-play of Lafita, running for almost 40 meters until he gave a perfect assist to Juan Rodriguez, was enough to earn three important points. That play was the main reason why the ex-Zaragoza won the gold during this game. Juan Rodriguez earned the second place thanks to his goal, while Aranzubia ended third thanks to his saves and a new clean sheet for Depor.

Lafita repeated his brilliant performance for the home game against Racing Santander, this time scoring a goal and giving an assist to lead Depor to an impressive 5-3 over the Cantabrians, the first back-to-back win for Depor on the season. Riki, who was returning in this game after an injury, earned the second place thanks to his double, while Lassad left a positive impression in the Pe?a members, no matter he ended scoreless, he was awarded with the third place.

Then it came the visit to Sporting Gij??n, Depor lost the game wit a 2-3 scoresheet. The defensive errors committed in the game left a bad taste of mouth, but the Pe?a members were satisfied with the moves of Laure, therefore the Madrilenian side defender picked his first ever MOM at Depor. Joan Verd?? was the second place no matter he had a discrete performance in midfield, while Riki ended third as he came out from the bench to score a goal from the penalty spot.

Match Ratings Review: (Only top three rated player shown for each match)

At Numancia (Liga - 1/3/2009)

1st = Lafita - 5 pts (13)

2 = J. Rodriguez - 3 pts (9)

3= Aranzubia - 1 pt. (7)

Vs Racing (Liga - 8/3/2009)

1st = Lafita - 5 pts (42)

2 = Riki - 3 pts (32)

3= Lassad - 1 pt. (18)

At Sporting (Liga - 15/3/2009)

1st = Laure - 5 pts (26)

2 = Verdu - 3 pts (10)

3= Riki - 1 pt. (8)

The performance during the month of March is allowing Angel Lafita to climb from the third to the first place in the overall table of the season  08/09, now the Aragonian has four points of advantage over Daniel Aranzubia. Guardado is third on the list, the Mexican returned into action during the month, but he didn’t add any point in the period.

Overall Table 2008/2009:

 1st. Lafita - 51 pts

2nd. Aranzubia - 47 pts

3rd. Guardado - 45 pts

4th. Valeron - 29 pts

5h. Filipe - 27 pts

6th. Bodipo - 26 pts

7th. Verd?? - 17 pts

8th. Pablo Alvarez - 16 pts

9th. De Guzman - 14 pts

10th. Manuel Pablo - 13 pts

10th. Riki - 13 pts

11th. Sergio - 12 pts

12th. Colotto - 8 pts

12th. Rodriguez - 8 pts

13th. Lassad - 6 pts

13th. Ze Castro - 6 pts

14th. Laure - 5 pts

14th. Lopo - 5 pts

15th. Bravo - 1 pt




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