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15 Feb 2006
Diego Trist??n has a problem with coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s – apparently he doesn't agree with the Sevillan trainer’s methods, and according to La Voz de Galicia both men have exchanged their opinions in private. Now the situation has reached the rest of the players and will probably require the intervention of club officials.

The game at the Vicente Calder??n is one that changed the roles of Sergio and Diego Trist??n in the squad. Both men were replaced at half-time and the work of their replacements, Rub?©n and Arizmendi, improved the performance of the squad even though Depor lost the match (2-3). Sergio even talked about his situation saying that he â€?will think really carefully about his possible future." However, the Catalan midfielder has accepted his current state.

But the situation was different with Trist??n. A few days later during a training session, Caparr??s ordered the Sevillan striker to work on a separate field with Iago and Xisco. Trist??n thought it was humiliating and later asked for answers in a personal meeting that he had with the Sevillan coach. Caparr??s was furious.

According to La Voz de Galicia, Caparr??s presented the case to the rest of the players.  Apparently he wants to demonstrate that he treats everybody the same way. But the methods of the Utrera-born coach has caused some divisions in the squad.  Some players believe that if Trist??n presented the case in private, the problem should have been resolved in the same manner.

The truth is that Diego Trist??n is going through a tough moment.  He hasn’t scored since Valer??n became injured (matchday 20 against Mallorca), the media and the fans continue to criticize his performance, and it seems that he doesn't like the methods of the coach. The case is in Caparr??s' hands at this point and according to the sportpaper Deporte Campe??n, he has asked the club for economic sanctions against Trist??n. For the moment the situation hasn't changed the plans of Caparr??s and he even sent the Sevillan striker to play as a starter against Betis.

But on Wednesday Caparr??s refuted the report in Deporte Campe??n.  After the training session he went to the press room and said that the article "is a lie". The Sevillan coach also said that Trist??n is an important player in the squad.

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