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08 Apr 2009
A report presented by Sportpaper AS studies the future of Deportivo’s squad, according to the Madrilenian paper, only eight players currently at the squad have a fixed place for next season. The renewal and the possible sells could mean a radical change inside the squad

Since some weeks ago, especially since the mathematical permanence was achieved, a lot has been talked about exits and possible arrivals to Deportivo. Lotina has said that this discussion is distracting the squad from the European goal. And the reality is confirming his words, because only a few men have clear in their minds that they will continue at Depor for the season 2009/2010.

Sportpaper AS printed an article about this matter during the week, this report appointed that only eight players have a secure place for next season: Aranzub?a, Laure, Z? Castro, Piscu, Juan Rodr?guez, Antonio Tom??s, Valer??n and Lassad. The rest are doubtful.

Lopo, Riki, Guardado and Filipe have great chances to continue, but AS remembers that Depor needs to obtain some cash during the summer market and that a good offer could open the door to any of them. This no matter Lotina said in recent weeks that he will like to have Guardado and Filipe for at lest one more season.

Besides, it must be remembered that president Lendoiro still negotiating the renewals of the players that are ending contract in June: Verd??, Manuel Pablo, Sergio, De Guzman, Pablo Amo, Pablo ?lvarez and Mun??a. None of them know if they will continue at the club, though it seems that De Guzm??n and Mun??a are aware they will leave.

Angel Lafita is probably the only player that’s aware that his future is outside of La Coru?a, while other four cases are doubtful: Cristian, Colotto, Mista and Bodipo. Cristian has said that he wants to leave if he continues out of the coach’s plans, the situation with Colotto is uncertain as he hasn’t played too much on this campaign, his future could be linked to the one of other central defenders like Lopo. Meanwhile Lotina still has to decide what to do with both, Mista and Bodipo, their situation could also be linked to the future of a third player, Riki. 

Besides, it must be remembered the long list of loaned players performing at other clubs: Alex Berganti?os, Adri??n, Taborda, Omar Bravo, Rub?n Castro, Aythami Artiles, Rodri and Jairo Alvarez. For the moment, Lotina has just confirmed that he counts with defender Aythami and striker Adri??n ahead of the planning for next season.



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