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16 Feb 2006
The conflict that coach Caparr??s has with the striker Diego Trist??n is one of the subjects that the Spanish media is commenting during the last hours. The Sevillan coach admitted the incident, but the thing that bothers him is the fact that now it's a public issue. Caparr??s also talked about the semi-final with Espanyol and the next liga match against Zaragoza.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s admitted on Tuesday the conflict that he had with Diego Trist??n, the Sevillan striker had a private conversation with Caparr??s about his order of training with the youngsters Iago and Xisco when the rest of the squad was preparing the clash with Valencia. The coach decided to share the conflict with the rest of the team and later, the details were know by the papers.

This last fact is the thing that bothers Caparr??s, as he said it yesterday: "What we talk with Trist??n and the rest of the players is an internal issue, the fact that this theme reached the papers indicates that who expanded the rumour is in the wrong way. If someone talks when I close the door of the locker room; then, we aren't on the right way in order to achieve cohesion in this group."

Despite of this conflict the Utrera-born coach affirmed that his relationship with Trist??n is normal: "Our understanding is perfect. The normal thing between a coach and a player. Diego wants to improve and the coach asks for a better effort, but is the same with Munitis, Juanma, Andrade, Coloccini... I squeeze them because it's my obligation. I'm very happy with Diego's capacity and his implication in the group."

Caparr??s said that the new objective of the team is to conquer victories at the Riazor, a fact unseen since December (1-0 against C??diz): "We want to achieve a nice rally of victories. We were lucky on Sunday against Betis, but now we want to give some joy to our fans. Our objectives depends of what our player can do at the Riazor. It's difficult to achieve points in the away matches and let's see if we can achieve them in our field, the fans deserves to see the team winning a game."

In order to achieve the win Caparr??s is thinking in using the same lineup that played against Betis, a formation that includes the presence of Pedro Munitis as second striker, an strategy that Caparr??s explained: "I believe that Pedro can help us since he's a player with enough skills and velocity, he has the qualities to direct our offensive efforts, besides he's happy playing on that position and that's a fundamental thing."

The Galician club has received the confirmation that Coloccini, 'Toro' Acu?±a and Andrade are in the list of called players in order to participate in friendly matches with their national teams. The problem is that this games will be played on Wednesday March 1st, the date in which the second-leg game with Espanyol could be fixed up. This mean that Depor could face the match without two key defenders in the lineup.

In this sense Caparr??s asked for the comprehension of the Spanish Federation: "I hope that they will not force the situation, we need to have coherency and logic. That's what we are asking in a situation like this." Espanyol lost yesterday's game against Schalke 04 for the UEFA cup (1-2), the second leg game will be played on the next week, and if the Catalans lose the series they will be eliminated from the tournament, and then, the Spanish federation will decide the date of the match between Deportivo and Espanyol.

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