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23 Apr 2009
The papers agreed it was a grey and poor first half, and that the goal of Verd?? was the fact that changed the match. After that action, Depor played at ease and left a positive impression ahead of the clash against Malaga.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: Depor plays and later strikes. Lotina wants to retrieve the colorful football of Deportivo shown in the first round. That’s why he stressed the need to control the ball possession and take it from the opponent. To do so, he prevented the use of the long balls and tried to arm football from behind. Aranzubia always sent short passes and the central defenders, with some exceptions, sought to open the game by both sides. Depor kneaded the ball from behind, but once the squad surpassed midfield, it hardly had too much depth. Almeria, well armed and with a group of very committed players, advanced its defensive line to take its rival far away from its goal. That forced Bodipo to feel almost an island up front. Because nobody was able to make that final pass.
Almeria sought to control its speed through the counterattack and tried to connect with Negredo, particularly guarded by the Galician defenders. Between Colotto and Z? Castro, they kept him at bay. In addition, Juan Rodriguez also threw a hand to control the rival’s goal-scorer, especially in the aerial balls. In fact, to defend the set-pieces from the Andalusian team, Lotina provided a defensive system of nearly five men, with Juan Rodriguez embedded between the two central defenders. Defensively the team returned to commit some mismatches, but not too much to notice the absence of a man as important as Albert Lopo. It is not the same to play without him, but at least the team keeps the line.

The original intention to opt for a combined football didn’t translate the game into clear arrivals to the opposite area. Depor was jammed each time they tied to reach the rival’s goal. It missed to end the plays, as it happened in San Mam?s. At Bilbao, Depor only shot on target once and finished taking the three points. Not the same thing happened on yesterday’s game, but something similar. Depor was arriving again and again to the opposite goal. So far, everything perfect. The bad thing was that, once again, it was stuck and missing punch against the goal, above all, ideas to create clear scoring situations.

Depor had enough patience to take the lead on the scoresheet, and then the decoration of the match completely changed. The local team was more relaxed and committed fewer errors, just the opposite than Almeria. The Galicians learned to have a cool head until Lassad left the game virtually sentenced through a counterattack. Then Depor played almost at ease before an opponent with a minimum capacity to respond. The Andalusians resorted too much to direct football and this facilitated the things to the Galician defensive line. The squad of Lotina lasted to have depth and reach the goal, but with time and the advantage at it’s side, it proved its superiority. Eugenio Cobas.

La Voz De Galicia: The victory of the fifth-speed. The Galicians recovered the fifth-speed at the right time. Finally, it showed more velocity to end with its tiresome game shown at Montjuic. In this game of ups and downs, in mid-week and at an almost empty stadium, the team forged a victory that could end up being worth its weight in gold. Indeed, Depor didn’t decide to increase the speed of its game until the final leg of the first part. Until then, the match ran in favor of Almeria, despite having less the ball, it always gave the sensation of been threatening. The error of Guardado seemed to wake up his team and the goal of Verd??, his sixth on the season, ended showing the path.

Almeria tried to fool Depor with the mobility of the ball. It looked for the back of their defenders to find holes at the back zone. In addition, it pressured the exit of the ball from its opponent and forced the Galicians to bet in long balls coming from behind, situation in which the central defenders of the visiting team always enjoyed of the advantage. The Galicians attempted to respond with the usual rotation of their playmakers. Verd?? came down to the right and even Sergio was sending crosses from the left.

Lotina’s tactic alternative of placing Juan Rodriguez as the only pivote deprived Depor of an exit for the ball. Although the Andalusian followed closely the footsteps of Negredo, the striker doesn’t generate too much football around him as Llorente did on last Saturday. The former Real Madrid forward distinguish himself as a good founder of the passes coming from his team mates. This approach left Piatti without a mark, player who used his freedom to arrive with danger against Aranzubia.

Though Lassad actually played behind Bodipo, Lotina opted for the former Fabril man to replace Verd??, who had scored a few moments before. His coach seemed to be looking for a mordant and more presence in attack. The footballer of Tunisia responded with his second goal in the league after a good counterattack led by Filipe. Pablo Barreiros

Xornal De Galicia: The goal made things much easier. Both, Depor and Almeria, made a very discreet game, not too intense for many minutes. The Galician team merely spent the time taking advantage of the defensive errors of Almeria, and thanks to them, it won the encounter without excessive difficulty. Moreover, the fact of winning two consecutive games it is surely having a very positive mood at the squad. The aim of entering Europe is now much closer.

Especially during the first part, Deportivo abused of the horizontal game, without being able to generate dangerous plays. Although the ball possession was always of the Galician team, it served too little if the local players were unable to translate this into the creation of opportunities to score. However, the first goal made it much easier, because Almeria surrendered and Depor found many spaces during the second part. At the Riazor, it became clear that Almeria is a very limited team when it’s best forward, Negredo, is not inspired. Eduardo L??pez Beci.

AS: Deportivo achieved a major victory against Almeria, and in this way it returns to fight for the Europeans positions, it was during a game in which Los Blanquiazules simply needed a good half hour to beat a squad without ambition, convicted for its defensive shortcomings. There was no news of Negredo, abandoned by his companions and very distanced from the game. Miguel Angel Lotina said previously that in order to fight for the positions in Europe, they needed a push from the fans. But he forgot to use that speech with his players, or at least it was what they showed in the first part of the game, moments where both teams seemed to be playing for nothing.

The match began cold and stuck, moments where none of the teams managed to have more depth or to make more than three straight passes. Deportivo was hardly entering into the meeting, it seemed it wasn’t playing for Europe, while Almeria was feeling comfortable playing through the counterattack. Hugo Sanchez's team decided to give the ball to Deportivo and this last one lasted too much to know what to do with it, due to strong pressure from the centre of the Andalusian squad. The first minutes were featuring an inaccurate Depor with its passes, especially Sergio, who failed to find Guardado and Pablo ?lvarez on the wings, always surpassed by Man? and Bruno. Moreover, the counterattacks of Almeria, which went out quickly searching for Negredo, were dangerous.

The second part wasn’t the same. Deportivo seemed to realize, 45 minutes later, it was playing for the European positions. Soon, the change in the attitude began to bear fruits and the whole Galician team started to attack in waves that became more frequent. Juan Rodriguez took control at midfield and began to distribute the game moving the ball from one side to another with patience. The arrival of the turning point didn’t last too much, product of the insistence that never existed in the first part. Thus, the goal of Verd?? came after a play of Filipe, whose cross couldn’t be cleared by Chico.

From there, we began to see the best Depor of this season, a squad that moves and touches the ball without rush, from one side to the other and drowning its rival. In addition, Lotina, aware that Bodipo was very alone in attack, decided to replace Verd?? with Lassad, who proved to be another player when he performs with a partner up front. The young footballer didn’t last too much to prove it. Following a counterattack led by Pablo ?lvarez, the ball fell at the feet of Filipe and he launched a deep cross pass that Man? couldn’t intercept, and it came to Lassad. Despite his youth, the player defined as the best of the forwards.

There was no news of Almeria on the second part. It was a monologue of Miguel Angel Lotina’s team, with entries by both wings due to the attacks from the side defenders and with an outstanding Bodipo, who moved himself between the lines to open the spaces. Meanwhile, Juan Rodriguez followed his own line, stealing and distributing. Jos? Miguel de Pedro.

El Ideal Digital (Almeria): At the Riazor, the Almeria of always. Los Rojiblancos went out with the desire, but lacked the ability to react when Depor took the lead on the scoresheet. The usual thing, more of the same. Almeria was 'Dr. Jekyll' at the Riazor, the sad and boring side of the film starring by Jerry Lewis. Good start and little more. And above all, much less when the score was uphill.

The first minutes weren’t bad. At least, the team tried to surprise, which didn’t left Depor with too many opportunities to win the match. But in this league, the mismatches are expensive and Almeria had two that cost them the match. The determinant was, undoubtedly, the first goal, because it is well known the behavior of Los Rojiblancos away from home, Almeria’s performance dropped when it had the score against it. Verd??, within minutes of starting the second part, taught with his goal the path of the defeat, a new setback away from home. Subsequently, Lassad sentenced, Depor imposed its superiority, while the squad of Hugo Sanchez was almost resigned because, again, it was losing away from home.



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