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01 May 2009
The recent history has shown up that 60 points is enough to reach Europe at the end of a liga season, for the goal, Depor needs to add ten more points. In other words, to achieve three victories at home plus clinch a point away the Riazor.

Within the last decade, every team that has added at least 60 points in la liga tournament has been able to catch a European position. Racing Santander added 60 on the past campaign and ended playing the UEFA cup. On the year before, Zaragoza did the same with the same number of points, while on the season 2005/2006, Celta ended playing the same competition after adding 64 points, though they would have done the same with only 58.

The last time a team wasn’t able to play in Europe after adding at least 60 points was on the season 1998/1999; in that edition RCD Espanyol ended seventh though it added 61 points. And who ended sixth in that tournament was Depor, the Galicians added 63 points and ended playing the UEFA Cup. Now, one decade later, Deportivo is searching the same goal.

All this means that Deportivo will probably need ten more points in order to end in Europe; this means three more wins plus one more draw within the last five matchdays. A combination for this could be to clinch three victories in the three remaining games at home (Valladolid, Getafe and Barcelona) plus one draw in the remaining two away matches (Sevilla and Recreativo).

The players at the squad have different appreciations, for Albert Lopo the squad needs at least twelve points in order to end in Europe, ?To win the three remaining games at the Riazor is not enough, we should also win one away match.? Same were the thoughts of Riki, ?It isn’t worthy to just add all the reaming points at the Riazor. To guarantee the UEFA, we will need to win four of the last five games left.?

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Valer??n prefers to wait and see what the rivals are able to do. ?We should go matchday after matchday, trying to carry out with each game. The ideal thing will be to win all the home matches and to pick up something away from home. It will also depend on what the other aspirants to Europe are capable to do.?

Pablo Alvarez is expecting that the math of past seasons would not fail this time, ?There are several teams fighting for those two spots ad it will be difficult. With ten more points in those five games, we may enter.? Similar are the ideas of Juan Verd??, ?The thing will be around that number: 60 points. At the Riazor is where we are stronger. Evidently, the games at home will be more important, but we either need to be more competitive away from home.?



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