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07 May 2009
The agent of Manuel Pablo has said the Canarian won’t renew if the president doesn’t raises the offer, now the player talks to Deporte Campe??n and says that he is already assuming his ext from Depor, though he leaves a door open to the president.

Q: Psychologically, how are you?
A: I am quite happy because I'm playing after so long, and confident and willing to finish the year as well as possible.

Q: And then?
A Well, I don’t know where we will be. I'm pretty quiet, I am patient and calmed and we will see what happens.

Q: But every day the end of the season is closer.
A: Yes, I know about that, but I am not worried.

Q: Do you live these games as the last ones at Deportivo or have you not thought about that yet?
A: I don’t think about it. I just think there are four games left and that everyone is playing for something nice

Q: Eleven years at Depor, 250 matches with the blue and white shirt, it is not uncommon to end like this, without something more?
A: Many years, but these are normal things, something that has happened to others and, if it happens to me, perhaps I will not be the last one. I see it as normal. You end your contract, you know you will face this situation and if we have to change, then let’s change it.

Q: Did you expect this?
A: Well, it is that a contract is ending, there are other priorities, other requirements and that's it.

Q: After so many seasons at Deportivo’s squad, weren’t you expecting a final effort from the president?
A: You must ask him. Nothing is closed yet and we don’t know anything until the end, maybe he will make an effort.



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