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12 May 2009
Deportivo B just added one more point in the second round compared to the mark of the first, something that wasn’t enough to secure the permanence. The errors defending the set-pieces, the missing opportunities when the squad had more men on the pitch and the lack of a top-scorer are among the causes for Fabril’s miseries.

Fabril is going back to Tercera Divisi??n after spending just two seasons at Segunda Divisi??n B, the squad coached by Tito Ramallo committed several errors and was just able to add 20 points in the second round after just picking 19 in the first. 39 points in the end and six below the salvation, poor number that certifies the downfall of Deportivo’s youngsters.

It was expected a reaction of Fabril during the second round, especially after the team showed some reaction in the first as it added 13 of 15 possible points between matchdays 10 and 14. But in the end that reaction never occurred, actually Depor B was only able to achieve once two straight victories during the final round, it was during matchdays 23 & 24 (3-0 at Guijuelo and 2-0 Vs Ponferradina).

But what killed Fabril’s aspirations were the four straight losses suffered after those two wins: between matchday 25 and 28 (0-2 at Celta B, 0-1 Vs Pontevedra, 1-4 at Real Uni??n and 1-3 at Racing Santander B). Besides to some unexplained defeats as the 3-4 against Bilbao Athletic just when Fabril had a favourable score (3-2) and when the rival was playing with a man less on the pitch.

The coaching staff must now analyse what were the main errors committed during the season, but definitely there were three main circumstances that contributed to the relegation of the squad:

Depor B presented the fourth worst mark at group one in terms of goals allowed (53). Only Valladolid B (61), Marino (58) and Sporting B (55) presented a worst record.  Ramallo’s squad achieved eight clean sheets throughout the season, but it leaked at lest one goal in 13 of the last 14 matches.

The most devastating, and at the same time bizarre, stat about the number of goals allowed is that 49% of those goals (26) came after a set-piece, without doubt the endless headache that Tito Ramallo never corrected. And the �eye of the hurricane’ was located at the corner-kicks, because 17 of the 26 goals allowed in set-pieces came after the rival threw a corner. That problem was never resolved, actually in the last game of the season, against Zamora, two of the three goals leaked were scored after a corner-kick. According to Ramallo, this stat demonstrates the poor lack of concentration that his team had during some specific moments of the matches.

Six points separated Deportivo B from the safety, Tito Ramallo said in a previous interview that his team should have had more points according to what was seen during some matches, but the true is that any team at any division must learn to take advantage of the opportunities, something that Depor B never did. A good example of this is represented by the wasted chances when Depor B had more players on the pitch.

At matchday 19, Fabril was hosting Zamora at Abegondo, and the Galician team wasted a 2-1 advantage to end with a 2-2 tie no matter having two more players over the grass since minute 52. At matchday 31 the situation was repeated, Depor B was defeating Bilbao Athletic with a 3-2 score and ended losing 3-4, this no matter the rival was playing with one man less during the entire second half. Five points lost that could have made the difference.

The departure of Alex and Carlos Pita left the squad without a natural leader, space that �veterans’ like Iv??n Carril or Nacho Matador never filled. That’s why there was a big difference between the levels shown in midfield during the past season compared to the campaign that has just ended.

Besides, the squad missed a reference in attack. It is true that the 40 goals scored by Depor B on the liga season represent the third highest mark between all the 16 teams directly relegated to Tercera (San Fernando and Ibiza Evissa scored 46), and that Fabril scored at least once in 10 of the last 12 matches, but the main fact is that strikers never showed up to lead these efforts.

Ramallo never found the replacement to Lassad after he was promoted to the first squad, the Tunisian just played 20 games at Depor B before been promoted to the first squad, but he ended as Fabril’s top-scorer with 8 goals scored. Neither Aridane (6) nor Hugo Garc?­a (3) were able to follow his footsteps. Only playmaker/right winger Iv??n P?©rez was able to tie the mark of Lassad, but for that the Santiago-born player had to play 38 matches and score six goals within the last eight matchdays.





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