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13 May 2009
Not too much good things were left by the season 08/09 regardless to the individual performance of Fabril’s players. Maybe just the solid end of season by Iv??n P?©rez, the saves of Manu, the continuity of Juanan or the irruption of Rochela, Juan Dominguez and Chirri.

With just a few exceptions, the players of Deportivo B didn’t have a solid performance in the individual aspect; proof of this is that the squad ended relegated to Tercera Divisi??n. In a general sense, 25 players were able to perform with Deportivo B’s squad during the Segunda B season. Of this number, only ten were already at Ramallo’s team during last season: Manu, Sergio Benito, Juanan, Nacho Matador, Iv??n P?©rez, Guille, Iv??n Carril, Herbert, Lassad and Aridane.

Nine players were coming from Deportivo Juvenil A or were joining the squad after a loan period outside the club: Alberto, Diego Seoane, Marcos Caridad, Juan Dominguez, Dani, Chirri, Joshua and Hugo Garc?­a, while six were new signings: Marcos Val?­n, Chema, Granado, Castillo, Arturo and Momar Diagne.

Maybe all the problems started with the signings, because the six new incorporations, with the exception of Castillo, never found their place at the squad. Keeper Marcos Val?­n was a big disappointment for coach Ramallo and he only played six games. H?©ctor Granado was a disaster at the left side in defence, while Chema spent more time injured than available for the coach. Arturo barely played, and French Momar, despite playing 24 games on the season, never seemed to be a proper replacement for Carlos Pita at Fabril’s midfield.

Judging by sectors, the defensive zone was the most inconsistent one. There were cracks at the left side as Castillo was more used by the coach as a central defender and as Granado and Arturo never demonstrated the needed level to cover the position. Ramallo had even to improvise with Sergio Benito and with Seoane covering that hole.

The best news in defense were to see Juanan consolidating himself as the most regular player at the squad. He started in all the liga games and just missed 45 minutes due to an injury. Now the club must decide if he will be released (he ends his contract in June) or if he will follow the footsteps of Piscu to the first squad. Diego Seoane was another positive news, the 21-year-old right-back was coming back from a loan at Ciudad Santiago and  showed to have the skills and capacity to be at Depor B. He was even called once to the first team.

In the goalkeeping position, Manu made a good job despite allowing 41 goals in 30 matches. He made important saves and even stopped two penalties. He could finally find a slot at the first squad if Fabricio leaves the club. Alberto just played three games and still has to learn, while Marcos Val?­n had personal problems with Ramallo and was even left out of the squad for a few weeks.

In midfield territory, the squad missed a leader. Without Alex or Carlos Pita, the team had big problems trying to administrate the ball possession, Nacho Matador and Momar Diagne had their ups and downs. Guille didn’t have the weight that the team needed, neither Iv??n Carril, who was a �shadow’ of the player he was in the past.

The positive news on this sector were to see David Rochela, Carlos Monje Serrano �Chirri’ and Juan Dominguez giving their first steps at Depor’s B squad. Rochela alternated between the centre of the defence and the pivote functions, while Dominguez even performed as a playmaker, always leaving a positive impression. Chirri was the �revulsive’ of the squad during the second halves. The Merida-born youngster was offering interesting alternatives to Ramallo thanks to his velocity on the pitch.

But without doubt the most important player during the season was Iv??n P?©rez, especially during the last part of the Segunda B tournament. The right winger tied with Lassad in the list of top-scorers after he scored six goals in the last eight matches, and he was also the top assistor with 12 on the season, mainly because he was the one throwing the set-pieces.

In attack, the lack of goals was evident, just like it happens at the first squad. And all of this no matter that Fabril scored the third highest mark of goals among the teams relegated to Tercera Divisi??n. What happened is that the strikers just contributed with the 42.5% of the goals. And it’s that the exit of Lassad left the squad without a reference in attack.

Aridane Santana had a disappointing performance as he only added six goals in 25 matches. While Hugo Garcia just scored three times, curiously it was a hat-trick during the game against Sporting Gij??n B.

* Juanan and Iv??n P?©rez were the only Fabril’s players that disputed all the 38 matches played on the season; the Majorcan defender started all the games, while the Santiago-born midfielder did it in 32 opportunities. Juanan was also the player that accumulated more minutes on the season (3,375)

* Iv??n P?©rez and Lassad were the top-scorers at the team with eight goals, but the Tunisian striker played 18 games less compared to the midfielder. P?©rez completed also 12 assists, the highest mark at the squad during this season.

* The strikers at the squad scored 17 goals on the season (42.50% of the total), the midfielders added 16 (40%) and the defenders 5 (12.50%). The remaining two goals in favour were own goals.

* The most booked player during the season was David Rochela with 10 ten yellow cards, while Sergio Benito was sent off twice. Totally, the team suffered other six red cards during the season: Seoane, Rochela, Castillo, Momar, ChirriAridane.

* Hugo Garc?­a was the player that had more appearances as a substitute (16), while Dani and Chirri entered as replacements in 14 opportunities.




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