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14 May 2009
Depor Sport published the list of Fabril’s players that are ending contract in June. Twelve youngsters that may not continue ahead of next season at Tercera. Momar and Ivan Carril surely won’t continue at Depor’s B squad.

Once again, Deportivo B will live a busy summer market. For the present season a lot of changes were made, and it’s that only ten players repeated compared to the squad that played the playoffs to Segunda Divisi??n on the season 2007/2008. Now, the relegation to Tercera is forcing to make some changes, besides there are twelve youngsters that are ending contract in June and several of them will leave the squad.

Depor Sport published the name of these players on its Thursday’s edition: Sergio Benito, Juanan, H?©ctor Granado, Marcos Caridad, Arturo, Momar, Chema, Iv??n Carril, Guille, Herbert, Aridane and Iv??n P?©rez. This means the 48% of the youngsters that performed at least once with Fabril during the 2008/2009 campaign.

Of this list, it is already know that Iv??n Carril and Momar Diagne won’t continue for the returning season to Tercera, Carril because the club’s officials already said in public that the contract of the right winger won’t be renewed, and Momar because he was born outside of Spain (France) and the rules of Tercera Divisi??n don’t allow to inscribe a foreigner in a B squad.

About the rest, Tito Ramallo and Miguel Angel Lotina still have to decide about their continuity, on Wednesday and Thursday Lotina invited Juanan and Iv??n P?©rez to train with the first squad, they seem to be the players with more chances to join the first squad ahead of next season. Juanan already played three official games with Depor’s first squad, two in Intertoto and one for the UEFA Cup.



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