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18 May 2009
Goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia gave an interview to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a and defended once again the point added against Getafe. He also said the squad is traveling to Seville in order to conquer a victory.

Q: Is there a feeling of disappointment at the dressing room after the result?
A: Perhaps it tasted like a little thing, because we thought of adding the three points, but at the end of la liga we may remember it because it can be important. All the players thought of a victory, but at the same time we knew that Getafe was coming to play a final and that it’s a team with great players despite being down there, and it showed it. It was hard all the time and thank God we managed to equalise a difficult game

Q: Will you know to turn the page?
A: Surely, yes. The team knew the fight for entering Europe would not be easy. Now six points are remaining and the mentality is to fight until the end. We shall have options.

Q: Is the goal to go away on vacations with a clear conscience, whether you achieve the pass to Europe or not?
A: In that sense, nobody can reclaim anything to us. Against Getafe we missed ideas or fluency, but the team ran and left everything on the field in order to win. The squad is aware that we’ve made many efforts throughout the season, but only fifteen days are left and it’s worthy to experience two weeks of suffering, which is what the team has done all year.

Q: Do you fear the fans will not appreciate enough the campaign done by Depor if at the end the team does not qualify to Europe?
A: I don’t know what people think. What is clear is that Depor has made a great campaign, whatever happens from now on. Nobody thought that by now we would be fighting for these positions and with this number of points. The campaign is important. The pity is that all the rivals that were superior in theory, are undergoing. Sometimes some of the rivals above you fail. Last year it was Valencia and Racing took advantage of it to enter Europe, but unfortunately, this time none has been off. Moreover, those who are above us are also looking for the fourth place. Everyone wants the Champions League, because for them the UEFA is a small reward. It’s difficult to compete against that, but we still have options and we will try.

Q: So, you will not speculate at the S??nchez Pizju??n.
A: Clearly. In addition, you can’t go out to draw, because normally if you do so, you lose. Sevilla is a very good team, but we are going for the win. Depending on how the game is, a point there may also be taken as good. This is the last meeting of Sevilla at home and they want to confirm their position in Champions. I guess it will be a sold-out match and we will see a nice atmosphere. It will be complicated, but we’ll go out with great enthusiasm and desire to achieve a positive result.

And then Barca after the final in Champions League. Do you think it will arrive relaxed to the Riazor?
A: If we are thinking about it, we are wrong. We have to think that we still have two difficult games. The first is the one at Sevilla, Barca will come later.

Q: In order to achieve the sixth place, is enough to win one of two remaining games?
A: I don’t know. Perhaps with three points is not enough, but we have to wait and see what happens in every game.



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