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18 May 2009
The papers in La Coru?a are still claiming to see Valer??n as starter after the Canarian was the force that allowed the draw with Getafe. And it’s that on this season only Cristian and Piscu have played less than El Flaco.

Juan Carlos Valer??n continues to inspire admiration among the media and the supporters of Deportivo, just like he did in the times of Javier Irureta. The Canarian playmaker went out to the pitch during the final minutes of the game against Getafe FC and he lightened the way as he started the play the meant the equaliser of Riki.

This new demonstration of class from El Flaco has opened again the debate if he should be a starter in the formations of Lotina, and it’s that despite Valer??n was a normal starter in the European competitions of this season (Intertoto & UEFA), he has only appeared five times in the starting eleven used by Depor’s coach during the 36 matchdays disputed so far.

Actually, of the field players that have been available during a major part of the season, Valer??n is the third with less minutes on the liga campaign, so far the Canarian accumulates 723 minutes in 20 games (15 appearances as substitute and 5 as starter). Only Piscu (638) and Cristian (278) have played less time than him.

Pablo Amo (161) has also played less minutes than El Flaco, but it must be appointed that the Madrilenian central defender has been out almost the entire season due to a pubalgy case. This lack of participation in the squads created some criticism before, but all the voices were silenced since the squad was obtaining good results. But now that the European future is in danger, the appearance of Valer??n is seeing by the media as one of the cards that could secure the ticket to the new Europa league.

Between Sunday and Monday, several articles appeared on the papers analysing this subject, maybe the most important one was the article written by Eduardo L??pez ?Beci’, an ex-official of the club that now works for Xornal De Galicia, ?It is surprising to realise that Valer??n is not a starter at Deportivo. I try to find some reason to justify his absence, and the more I think I can not imagine any cause related to his football level. There is only one reason to justify the fact the Canarian is not a basic part of Lotina’s Depor: which is  that Lotina, who after all is the ones that works with him every day in the training, considers that is not physically prepared to endure the ninety minutes. We must not forget he has spent nearly two years without playing because of injuries and it’s possible that the coach didn’t see him able to endure for a full match. I believe that is the reason, there can be no other.? He wrote in his analysis.

But Beci thinks that no matter the current situation, the Canarian playmaker still has the option to regain a place in the starting formation, ?I still hope that at some point, Valer??n will recover the prominence he should never have lost at Deportivo. It is a pity that his talent is not exploited and that instead, is wasted every week on the bench. Still, I’m feeling that each day passing, Valer??n is older, and that is much closer to his twilight. That is undeniable. But anyway, he is a player that at his 33, still has a lot of football in his boots.?



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