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20 May 2009
Third straight title for Deportivo Juvenil B at Liga Nacional (Galician group), the squad coached by Javi Lavandeira is near to end the league and has a 12-point advantage over second place Racing Ferrol Juvenil. The squad composed by 17 and 18-year-old players represent the immediate future of Fabril.

A new solid season for Deportivo Juvenil B at Liga Nacional. For the third time in a row, the squad has achieved the championship in the Galician group thanks to its 25 wins after 32 matchdays. The squad has only suffered two defeats (1-2 at Racing de Ferrol and 0-1 Vs San Roque), while the players have conquered the impressive number of 89 goals in favour.

To end first in the group means to achieve the promotion to the upper division: Divisi??n de Honor Juveniles, but Depor Juvenil A already plays there, reason why Racing de Ferrol Juvenil, the current second place, is the team that will be promoted. To emphasise that Racing’s squad is composed by older players (at their 19), this since it is the Juvenil A squad of the club from Ferrol.

Depor’s squad is basically composed by 17 and 18-year-old players, though seven younger players that were coming from Juvenil C had the chance to play with the team at least once: Right-back Palacios, central defender Uxio, midfielders Fernando, Alberto, Jorge Senso and Adri??n and right winger Felipe.










The presence of central defender Ux?­o Marcos Nores with Juvenil B means good news for the club. He’s just sixteen and already played ten games with Juvenil B regardless that he was just promoted to Juvenil C during the present season. At the end of the past year, he was even called to a series of training sessions with Spain’s U-16 squad. The Galician defender can been considered as the successor of Rochela at Fabril.

In a general sense and with only two matchdays remaining, 27 youngsters have had the chance to play at least once with Juvenil B. The player with more participation so far is right winger Carlos Vigo, who has performed in 31 of the 32 matches played so far (28 as starter), same number than central defender Martin though this one appeared in one game less as starter (27). Other central defender, Jos?© Manuel , completed 30 appearances with the team.

The top-scorers so far are strikers Miguel and Angel Perez, both with fifteen goals on the season, while attacker David Mendez already added 13 to his tally. Important has been also the contribution of winger David Rodriguez and midfielder David Garcia, both with nine goals on the campaign.

Coach Javi Lavandeira talked to Depor Sport and analysed the run of the team during the season, for him the key factor was the performance on the second round, �I think of three aspects: the formation tasks, the work related to the maturity of the players in a competition, and the improvement in the individual aspects through the collective work of their team mates. All the players have felt important, and know that the demand will be bigger with the pass of the seasons. We are very good in the second rounds. Now we have seven straight victories (eight with the one of last weekend). Juvenil B ends really well the tournaments, with maturity.�

Now, a good part of these players will be promoted and will perform for Deportivo Juvenil A at the upper division, the goal is to regain the protagonism lost against Celta Juvenil A during the present season, and in the horizon  a more ambitious goal: to play for Fabril.




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