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21 May 2009
After affirming the renewals of Sergio, Pablo Alvarez and Verd?? should be defined during this week; Lendoiro is now extending the deadline as he keeps negotiating with Sergio, while it seems the offer to Verd?? will be improved.

On Wednesday’s night, president Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro hosted Sergio’s father, Avelino Gonz??lez, at Plaza de Pontevedra. Both men talked for an hour and a half about the renewal of the Catalan midfielder, no final agreement was reached, but a future deal hasn’t been discarded yet.

During the past weekend Deportivo’s president said that he was hoping to close the renewals of Pablo Alvarez, Joan Verd?? and Sergio before this Thursday, but none of the three cases has been solved yet. And now it seems that the president is extending the deadline that he previously imposed.

Starting with the case of Pablo Alvarez, the agent of the right winger, Jos?© Luis Tamargo, already told to reporters that he will travel to La Coru?±a until next week and that an agreement is now possible since the player is now willing to renew his contract with the Galician club.

Meanwhile, Avelino Gonz??lez was explaining to reporters the state of Sergio’s renewal after his meeting with the president, "We have given a deadline of a week to sign the deal. We are exactly as before, there was no progress. In this life, if both parties don’t give something, you can not reach an agreement. We have tried to solve the things, but it wasn’t possible.� He said when he was leaving Plaza de Pontevedra.

It was informed that Lendoiro offered to Sergio a similar deal than the one signed a week ago with Manuel Pablo, this means a contract for two more seasons with the option to extend it for one additional season according to a fixed number of matches played by the midfielder. However the problem blocking the deal is the amount of the wages, something that Avelino Gonzalez described as �very low�.

Meanwhile, the case of Joan Verd?? is even more uncertain. His agent M??gico D?­az told to a reporter that he was arriving to La Coru?±a on Wednesday, while he told to other persons he would do it on Thursday. So far he hasn’t had a meeting with the president and it probably won’t happen on this week, because last night Lendoiro was having a reunion with the Galician authorities in order to keep the conversations about the participation of La Coru?±a as one of the cities hosting the World Cup 2018.

The case of Verd?? is in the same dead point compared to the case of Sergio, because the fact blocking the deal are the wages offered in the new contract. So far, both parties have agreed in the duration of the new deal: 3 years. It has been also speculated that Lendoiro was preparing a better offer to Verd??’s agent and that this was the reason for the meeting that never took place. RCD Espanyol, Malaga FC, Real Betis, Valencia FC, Racing Santander and Benfica are among the clubs that have shown interest in the Catalan playmaker.

Finally, a thing that called the attention of the media was to see Ernesto Bello entering to Plaza de Pontevedra on Wednesday night, just after Sergio’s father left Depor’s headquarters. Bello was the former coordinator of Depor’s youth categories and now he works for Real Zaragoza. Some journalists speculate that he was negotiating with Lendoiro something related to Angel Lafita, player that may return to Aragon for the upcoming season.



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