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25 May 2009
Depor’s qualification to the Europa league depends on a victory over Barcelona and a defeat of Valencia at home against Athletic. The players know it’s a difficult combination, but they say to be prepared for it. Aranzubia is even offering some �extra’ help.

Everybody at Deportivo knows that the qualification to the new Europa League is complicated, basically because it doesn’t depends, entirely, on Depor’s players. The Galician squad needs to defeat Barcelona FC at the Riazor and also to witness a defeat of Valencia at Mestalla against Caparr??s’ Athletic Bilbao. No matter the situation, the players are content since the team has made a very solid season.

As example the declarations of striker Rodolfo Bodipo, player that was saying that Deportivo must fight until the end, â€?It’s going to be difficult, but all of us would have wanted to reach the last matchday of the season having possibilities, therefore we must now give our best effort.â€? The striker said to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a

The most interesting declarations were made by Daniel Aranzubia, an ex-player of Athletic Bilbao that was offering some �help’ in order to see his former team defeating Valencia, "We will have to call the friends in order to see them doing what they have to do: to win. But it’s complicated in any case, because after the final in Copa, they have been very relaxed, because they don’t play for anything. We have to rely on the last shot we have, although it’s difficult, because we don’t rely on ourselves, but of other results."

The Basque keeper was also saying that Deportivo must feel content because the fight for Europe has been hard, "It's hard to go out of Europe now, but neither nobody said it would be easy. When you're there in the sixth or seventh place, you always aspire to achieve it, but on this year none of the teams at the top have failed and the goal of the six teams above us was to enter into the Champions (League), and not everybody will get this award."

Manuel Pablo was saying that Deportivo must defeat Barcelona and wait for a miracle, �We can’t lose the hope, we must do our job and wait, there’s no other way.� Meanwhile, Albert Lopo is convinced that the European options are practically over, �It will be really complicated to regain the UEFA spot, because it’s difficult to see Athletic (Bilbao) defeating Valencia at its own stadium.�



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