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26 May 2009
Deportivo needs a combination of results in order to qualify to Europe. It’s a very difficult thing, but coach Lotina believes it could happen. Meanwhile, Lassad missed the first training of the week.

On Tuesday’s evening, Deportivo’s squad returned to train at the sporting city of Abegondo, the main news was that Lassad Nouioui still out of the squad as he still struggling with a muscular contracture. The striker said to reporters that he hopes to be fit for Saturday, though he isn’t sure about it.

The other news of the day came from the press room. After the match at Sevilla, coach Miguel Angel Lotina was pessimistic about the European future of Deportivo, as he said after the final whistle: â€?Athletic (Bilbao) spent these months thinking about the Cup, and are now lying in a pool. I knew they would lose against Atl?©tico (Madrid). If you don’t play for anything, it's normal. Besides, Valencia plays for a lot of things in the last matchday."

But on Tuesday, the coach changed his opinion, "Nobody doubts of the professional behaviour of Athletic Bilbao, it’s a team that fights in every match, and usually plays good games against Valencia. Athletic had 25 years without playing the final in Copa, it spent two months thinking only in the final, they lost and it has affected them. Not having any other option, and since they are already saved in liga, their motivation isn’t the same. But from that point to think the game is already lost ...�

No matter what happens on Saturday, Lotina believes that Deportivo already completed a solid season, "Athletic will give everything, but if we don’t enter to the UEFA, in the end it won’t be their fault. On Monday, the standings will be the pure reflection of reality. Except for Barcelona, which is a reference in Spain, Deportivo has been, in some things, the best team. In others, don’t. We had things that I haven’t seen at other teams and I am satisfied. In August, we knew we had six teams that are above everybody else and they haven’t failed, but we expected a little more of some of them. Of the remainder, Malaga and us are the ones that can be entirely satisfied, and if we end in the seventh spot, then the final reading is positive, we’ve ended in the first place of our league."

Finally, the Basque coach expects to have a full stadium for Saturday, "We don’t have many chances, but we think there’s an opportunity and we’ve to fight for it. It’s likely that for the first time, a Spanish team will come showing the �Triple Crown’ and we’ll play at a full stadium, so it would be nice.�



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