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23 Feb 2006
In Spain the list of called players in order to play against Ivory Coast has been waited with expectation, analysts believe that it's the final opportunity for some players to gain a place in the national squad that will participate in Germany. Capdevila returns to Luis Aragon?s' team, but Munitis has been ignored.

The confrontation between Spain and Ivory Coast will take place at the Jos? Zorrilla stadium (Valladolid) next Wednesday, the expectations to see the players called for the Spanish squad ended this Friday when Luis Aragon?s revealed the names of the members that construct his squad.

The only called player of Deportivo is Joan Capdevila, it was expected that Pedro Munitis would be on that list too, but it seems that Aragon?s has other plans. The Spanish team has created media attention since it's considered as one of the last choices for some players that want to attend Germany 2006, World Cup.

The papers believe that the big losers of the day are Iniesta, Oleguer, Vald?s (Barcelona), Munitis (Deportivo), Del Horno (Chelsea), Pern?a (Getafe), De la Pe?a (Espanyol), and Helguera (Real Madrid). They weren't call and their chances of traveling to Germany in the summer are now smaller. The big winners are Cesc F??bregas (Arsenal) and Marcos Senna (Villarreal) who are in the list for the first time.

It seems that Deportivo will only have one Spanish representative in the next World Cup. Meaning that Trist??n, Munitis, Romero, V?ctor and Molina will not get another opportunity to play in the World Cup. The full squad  of called players are: Cesc, Reyes (Arsenal), Pablo Iba?ez, Antonio L??pez, Fernando Torres (Atl?tico Madrid), Puyol (Barcelona), Joaqu?n, Juanito (Betis), Capdevila (Deportivo), Luis Garc?a, Morientes, Reina, Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Casillas, Michel Salgado, Sergio Ramos, Guti (Real Madrid), Albelda, Baraja, Marchena, David Villa (Valencia) and Senna (Villarreal).

RCD Espanyol has been eliminated by Schalke 04 from the UEFA cup (1-5 aggregate). Therefore, the second-leg match in copa del rey between the Catalans and Deportivo seems to have finally found a date. The Spanish federation will program the game until the next week, but all fingers are pointing towards March 8th or 9th. It's most probable that it will be played on Thursday 9th since on the previous day there are Champions League encounters and the federation doesn’t want an empty Riazor for the occasion.

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