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28 May 2009
At the start of the week it was De Guzman, now it’s time for Pablo Amo and Mun??a. The Madrilenian central defender said good-bye to reporters and to Depor’s fans on Thursday during a press conference that took place in Abegondo, while the Uruguayan keeper gave an interview to the EFE agency news.

Central defender Pablo Amo is ending his contract in June and he already knows that he won’t continue at Deportivo. The Madrilenian just played twice on the season after spending almost the entire campaign recovering from a pubalgy case. He was a vital piece in the recovery of the team during the second part of the past liga season.

On Thursday, the player attended to Abegondo’s press room and said that he would have loved to continue, I wish I could have had the opportunity to continue at Deportivo, because I'm very happy on here. I find it hard to assimilate it as I won’t stay here long, but it’s the law of life and I also understand the club: in the first round I haven’t been available for the coach and I can’t adapt to the circumstances.�

He was also wishing the best for Depor in the future, "Saturday’s match is my last game with Deportivo after seven years, a lot of emotions are flowing out, all kinds of excellent memories, and I want to thank the team mates I've had, the ones I currently have, the fans, the club and the president. I wish all of them the best.�

Finally, Pablo Amo assured that he is fine in a physical sense, and that he hasn’t signed yet with any other club, "The most important thing is that I am physically well, and with that in mind, anywhere I go, I will do it in peace. If I can, I will continue in la liga, which is what I want, but if I have to go to a foreign league, I will also seize the chance to live a new experience and, as I am physically well, I feel ready to face any new challenge."

Meanwhile, Gustavo Mun??a was saying good-bye through an interview for the EFE agency news. The Uruguayan keeper only played one game on the present season and says he’s feeling nostalgic about his exit from Depor, "I have some nostalgia, but I leave with the head held high. I have a thorn in front of the public, because some things that aren0t normal have occurred, not just last year and not only with me. "

The ex-Nacional man also admitted that he’s leaving with a bittersweet taste in the mouth, "I have spent many beautiful moments, but also others that were very difficult, and it hurts very much, I suffered a lot, but also learned a lot. When you don’t know where the blows are coming or why people don’t say the truth, or why football is contaminated to hide things, it hurts a lot, but you learn and you become increasingly strong. "

Finally and like the case of Pablo Amo, Mun??a said he still doesn’t know in which club he will continue his career, "There are several options, both in and outside Spain, and in that sense I am calmed. My greatest desire is to continue in this country, because you usually like to be responsible and hopefully we can fulfill that opportunity. After all the things that have happened in recent years, I haven’t been able to defend myself on the playing field."



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