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01 Jun 2009
The latest scans have detected the problem suffered by Antonio Tomas and Pablo Alvarez, in both cases it’s a stress fracture that will keep them out for a few weeks. Both men should be fit to start the pre-season stage.

Pablo Alvarez didn’t end the game against Barcelona since he was feeling some pain in his right thigh, while Antonio Tom??s suffered a similar problem during the last training of the season. On Monday new scans were made to the players and doctor Arriaza gave a press conference explaining both cases.

Depor’s doctor remembered that this is the third time in which Antonio Tom??s suffers a similar problem, reason why his injury is more delicate, though he expects the problem will be solved before the pre-season, "It’s a minimum tear in a muscle, exactly in the area of the scar in the previous injury, what happened is that the scar has failed, fortunately is a very little problem. Now, we hope to have enough time to treat him properly and he will have more rest, because we aren’t hurried.�

Arriaza also appointed that the idea of the doctors is to see the Cantabrian midfielder starting the pre-season before anybody else, this in order to avoid further problems with him. Meanwhile, Pablo Alvarez suffered a similar injury on the past Saturday after a collision with Barcelona’s Keita.

About this case, Arriaza is also optimistic about the possible evolution of the problem, "It's a very logical injury. He was making a move back, moment in which the muscle has the highest tension and then he was caught from behind and the muscle was stretched just when it was contracted. It’s the equivalent of a stress fracture, and I don’t think he will have any problem. With the usual treatment and with an extra supplement, which is the holidays, he should be fine.�

Meanwhile, �the Shark’ talked to reporters about his injury, �It seems to be al little problem and surely I will be fit in a few weeks. I am going to Gij??n and I will meet doctor Maestro, who has a good relation with the club. At any moment I will stay in touch with Depor about how things are going and the steps I am making.�

Finally, the winger said he’s a little worried because he hasn’t signed yet his new contract with the club, �I am worried because I will like to go on vacations knowing where I will be next year, and until I don’t get an idea about it, I won’t rest in peace, but we must wait. There are differences related to the duration of the contract and in the economic aspect, let’s see if we can reach an agreement.�



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