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03 Jun 2009
RCDLC.com analyses the individual performance of the players during the season 08/09, from the good sensations left by Aranzubia, Filipe, Lassad, Lafita and Juan Rodriguez to the disappointments of Omar Bravo, De Guzm??n and Mista.

Aranzubia was the surprise of the season, same as Lassad, who was labeled by Lotina as the discovery of the campaign. Other players like Filipe, Guardado, Juan Rodriguez, Lafita and Verd?? had solid presentations, while the three major disappointments were Mista, Omar Bravo and De Guzm??n. The following is a small review of Depor players’ performance during the season.

Dani Aranzubia (3,323) Without doubt the most pleasant surprise during the season, he arrived under a big question mark and ended as one of the reasons that explains why Depor has completed a very solid season. Hero in the UEFA Cup penalty shootout against Brann Bergen, he made 138 saves in la liga, number that put him at the second place in this department at Primera Divisi??n, just under Espanyol’s Kameni (141).

Gustavo Mun??a (90): The weirdest case at Depor. He started sidelined due to last season’s fight with Aouate and ended as the second keeper of the team after the legal problems with Canarian goalie Fabricio. He just appeared once on the season, it was at the Bernab?©u against Real Madrid (0-1 loss) and the true is that he completed a solid game, it was his farewell match at Depor since he’s out of contract in June.

Manuel Pablo (2070): He was a regular starter with Lotina as he’s still the main reference for the right-back position. He didn’t play more games (23 in liga) because he spent two periods injured (at the start and during the second round). Decent job in the major part of games. He will probably end his career at Depor since he has just signed a renewal.

Laure (1,1179): He just played 14 games at Primera, but it must be remembered this was his first complete season at Deportivo’s first squad. Lotina used him when Manuel Pablo was injured and the true is that the Madrilenian had an acceptable performance, especially in the opening game against Real Madrid.

Alberto Lopo (2,834): The central defender with more minutes at Depor and the preferred choice of Lotina. The Catalan still a vital piece in the schemes of Depor’s coach and proved his value as he was the second player with more regains at the team (229). However, there was some criticism pointing towards the ex-Espanyol man since he seemed slow in some opportunities, actually he was the second player at the team in terms of fouls committed (42) and the most booked man at Depor (13 yellow cards, 13th place at Primera Division).

Ze Castro (2,535): He came loaned and quickly earned a place as the companion of Lopo at the centre of the defence. The Portuguese represents the future reference of the squad at his position and that’s why the club already fulfilled the buyout option over him, while Portugal’s national squad already put its eyes on him. The successor of Andrade?

Diego Colotto (867): The third choice at the centre of the defence, he just played 11 games in liga since Lotina was content with both Lopo and Z?© Castro. His best moments were lived in the UEFA Cup, competition in which he scored three goals, including the two decisive ones against Brann Bergen.

Piscu (638): The ex-Fabril was only able to play in eight opportunities as he was the fourth choice for the central positions at defence. Lotina used him only when the other central defenders were injured. His best moment was when he scored the equaliser against Valencia (matchday 24).

Pablo Amo (161): He spent almost the entire season injured, and just came back to play three games exactly when the team was facing several injuries at the centre of the defence. Lotina didn’t recover the scheme with three central defenders, reason why there was no room for him at the squad. He’s leaving Depor in the summer.

Filipe Luis (3,411): One of the best players on the season and the only men in la liga that played the 38 matches as starter. He continued improving in defence and was a solid reference in the attacks of the team, actually he was the defender with more attempts to score (23) and more shots on target (17). A curious thing is that the Brazilian was the player with more losses at the team (280), but at the same time he was the man with more regains (241). He was also the only player at Depor that earned a spot in the dream team of Sportpaper Marca.

Sergio (2,156): The Catalan keeps adding minutes and matches to his long career at Depor, this time he completed 28 liga appearances and was the most usual starter at midfield alongside Juan Rodriguez. He combined good presentations with others that were greyer. To emphasise that the ex-Espanyol kept intact his paradinha style when he perfectly executed the penalties of Deportivo.

Antonio Tom??s (738): This was supposed to be the year of the Cantabrian midfielder, but the countless injuries left him with only twelve appearances in liga. A pity since Lotina believes he’s the future of Deportivo.

Juan Rodriguez (2,875): One of the players that gave a step forward on this season. And it’s that the Andalusian man was the second field player with more minutes in la liga, he just missed one game due to suspension and was the motor at midfield (he was the third player with more regains on the season, 185). No matter what, he can’t be considered as an aggressive player, actually he was fouled in more occasions (59) compared to the fouls committed by him (44). He also demonstrated to be important in attack, with 41 attempts to score and two goals scored, a curious thing is that he was the men at Depor that hit the post in more occasions (3). With Caparr??s he played everywhere, and now he completed the cycle as he performed as goalkeeper at the end of the game with Barca after Aranzubia was sent off.

De Guzm??n (1,342): One of the three major disappointments of the season, the Canadian lost his starting place against Juan Rodriguez and just completed 20 appearances on the liga season. He had a solid performance on the past season, but in the present one he seemed out-of-focus. He won’t continue as his contract is ending in June.

Lafita (2,304): The most complete season for the Aragonian after his arrival from Zaragoza. He ended as the Pichichi of the squad with eight goals in liga and nine in all the competitions (tied with Riki in this last stat). He was one of the main references in attack and the main starter at the right wing, a proof of this is that Lafita was the player with more shots on target at Depor (38). The rivals were aware of his dangerous moves and that’s why he was the most fouled played at Depor (64). A pity he won’t continue.

Guardado (2,426): Another solid season for the Mexican left winger. He didn’t score too many goals in this occasion (only two), but his contribution in attack remained important, he was the second player at the squad with more attempts to score (59) and the main assistor (8 in liga and 10 in all the competitions). He was also the 6th player in la liga in terms of crosses to the area (254). Maybe the only spark is that he failed to score in several opportunities just when it seemed to be the easiest thing, A stat that proves this is the number of occasions in which he missed the target (29). In other words, Guardado missed the target in the 49% of his attempt to score, the highest number at Depor’s squad.

Pablo Alvarez (1,115): All started as a new poor season for �The Shark’, with no too many appearances as Lotina was preferring Lafita. But since the Aragonian was at the door out, Depor’s coach finally gave an opportunity to Pablo at the final matchdays of the liga season. In the end he played 21 liga games, scoring three times, including the winning goals against Athletic Bilbao and Recreativo. Will the 2009/2010 finally be the season of Alvarez?

Cristian (278): Another disappointing season for the Catalan right winger, he barely entered to the plans of Lotina since he preferred to play with Pablo Alvarez and Lafita. This time he just completed 13 games at Primera and just 20 appearances in all the competitions.

Joan Verd?? (2,488): The opposite case to Cristian, the Catalan playmaker lived the season of his consecration as he was the starting playmaker of Deportivo. He completed 34 appearances in liga and 42 games in all the competitions, he was Depor’s second best scorer at Primera Division with seven goals (eight in all the competitions) and was also the player at the squad with more attempts to score (64). Some fans criticised the fact that he often disappears when the team needs him the most. His continuity still uncertain.

Valer??n (817): El Flaco once again gave a demonstration of his quality, this no matter he just played as starter in liga during 6 opportunities. Lotina preferred to reserve him for the UEFA Cup and the fans and the media always questioned his role as substitute at the team. Lotina always defended his position that the Canarian is more incisive when he comes out from the bench.

Riki (1,080): The striking zone was the weirdest sector of Deportivo on this liga season, a proof of this is Riki, the Madrilenian was the player with more participations as a substitute in la liga (21), but still he was the striker with more minutes on the competition. He scored six times at Primera and took his tally to nine in all the competitions, meaning that he and Lafita were the top-scorers of Depor. Sometimes, the ex-Getafe man was the revulsive that Depor needed in the second halves, as example when he entered after the pause to change the game against Racing at the Riazor (5-3). To emphasise that he was Depor’s player with more offsides on the liga season (22)

Bodipo (1,076): He was a discard at the start of the season, but ended the liga campaign with just six minutes less on the pitch compared to Riki, His confirmation as a solid option in attack came when he scored the decisive goal against Nancy for the UEFA Cup. The injuries reduced his participation on the season to 26 games in all the competitions, but his performance should be considered as more than acceptable. He was the second player at the team with more offsides (21)

Lassad (854): Lotina labeled him as the discovery of the season, and it’s that the ex-Fabril striker surprised when he made the jump from  Segunda B to Primera after the crisis of injuries at the squad. Everybody liked his skills as he added spark to the first team. He ended the season as the third striker with more minutes at Depor and with thee goals scored. Definitely, the season 09/10 could be the one of his consecration.

Mista (545): Another disappointment. It was a promising start after the Murcian attacker scored the first goal of the season against Real Madrid, but later the injuries and his lack of pace sidelined him from the squad.

Omar Bravo (294) The signing that caused more expectations, but that had less impact in the results of the squad. Lotina never knew where to put him in his lineups, he had some opportunities at the start of the campaign, but ended sited on the bench and later he went out loaned to Tigres in Mexico.



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