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01 Sep 2009
The case of Angel Lafita doesn’t have precedents after 80 years of the Spanish Primera División, because one day after the summer market closed its doors, two clubs are reclaiming the rights over the winger and nobody knows where he is going to play during the season 09/10. The case may take two weeks to be resolved.

One day after the summer window closed the inscriptions for la liga 09/10, Angel Lafita still living without knowing his near future. The dispute between Zaragoza and Deportivo has now reached la liga and the case will have to be resolved by an arbitration committee and might even reach the courthouse in La Coruña.

The whole problem started at the beginning of July; Zaragoza sent a fax to Deportivo on June 30 informing about their intentions to execute the first buyout option over the winger, but according to Depor they only had one week to complete the payment of the €2.5 million (plus taxes) contemplated in the clause of the contract. Since Zaragoza never made the payment in the expected date, Depor argued that Zaragoza could no longer use the first buyout clause in order to sign the player.

They argued that in any case Zaragoza could only use the second clause of €3.5 million (plus taxes), which is expiring in June of 2010. No matter that the major shareholder of Zaragoza, Agapito Iglesias, “promised” that his club would pay the clause at the end of July, the true is that they waited until the last day of the market in order to send the money, and to make things worse they only sent €2.5 million, which is the amount of the first clause.

Depor admits that Zaragoza had the right to buy the player until the last day of the marker, but in their opinion Los Maños should have paid €3.5 million, because the deadline of the first clause expired at the beginning of July, while Zaragoza still assuring that they had until August 31 to make the payment. The case has now reached la liga (LFP) and even the Association of Spanish players (AFE), instances that have ordered Lafita to not train with any club until they take a final decision. In the meantime, Depor has presented a demand in a courthouse of La Coruña, which was legally established in the contract signed between both clubs as the instance that would decide any conflict in the operation.

For the moment Lafita has decided to not give declarations while he still in La Coruña waiting for news, the spokesman of Deportivo, Rafa Carpacho, said to reporters that the case may take two weeks to be resolved. The LFP liga has given Deportivo until next Tuesday in order to present its allegations. Meanwhile coach Lotina was expressing his worries about the resolution of the case, “If I tell you that I didn’t sleep on Monday and that I still dizzy. I am confident about the resolution of the judges, but between Lafita and Verdú we have lost the half of the goals scored on the the past season, and that’s a strong hit”.

Another question is to know if Depor will have 30 days to make a new signing in case that la liga gives the reason to Zaragoza. There’s a rule in Spain that allows any club to sign a replacement within the next month in case that another club pays the buyout option of a player during the last day of the market, just like Barcelona did with Rivaldo in the past, but it isn’t clear if this rule also applies in loan contracts with future buyout options.



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